Glee's Mark Salling Plays 'My Favorite Scene' with Movieline


Mark Salling, who plays Glee's once-befohawked football star Noah "Puck" Puckerson, checked in with Movieline to play our favorite game for cinephiles, My Favorite Scene. What did Salling pick as his favorite film moment of all time? Did he copy Christina Hendricks and pick Fame's "Hot Lunch Jam"? Did he ape Sharon Osbourne and pick a moment from Doctor Zhivago? Or did he branch out on his own?

Salling chose a scene from the last musician biopic to win Best Picture back in 1984.

"Man. Probably in Amadeus, that scene where -- God, there's so many good ones -- but that one where Mozart hears Salieri's piece that he composed for Mozart and knows it after one hearing and he elaborates on it."