Conan O'Brien Finally Answers Another Question

ConanGoogle225.jpgCall me naive, but when I first heard that Conan O'Brien would be answering questions on his Facebook page, I really did assume that he would be doing a marathon live chat type session. Not quite. Two weeks later, after thousands of questions submitted, Conan has now answered question number two.

Accompanied by some snazzy new theme music, Conan answered a question from Mary Williams, a student at the University of Central Florida, who asked, "Can you do my astronomy homework for me?" To help her, Conan enlisted the help of an astronomer named Dr. Even Kirby.

As it turns out, Mary's entire homework assignment apparently consisted of only one question -- a multiple choice question at that. And here I thought that attending a Big XII school would give me plenty of free time to drink beer, play video games and watch Boy Meets World. If only I could speak to my 17-year-old self today and let him know about the University of Central Florida's homework policy.

Anyway, thanks to Conan, we learned about black lines over underlying rainbows. Educational! But not very entertaining. At least until Conan points out that Kirby's illustrated explanation sorta resembles a penis.