Buzz Break: Australia's Next Top Model Isn't Actually the Top Model

· During the finals of Australia's Next Top Model, host Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner, something she didn't realize until after standing ovations and acceptance speeches occurred. Can you imagine if Tyra Banks did this? Shiver. Click ahead to watch the awkwardness and strap in for more Buzz Break.

· And then Howard Stern got bedbugs. Well, his palatial SiriusXM studio inside Manhattan's McGraw-Hill Building, but stil. Same difference. Fittingly, Stern blamed Flower Power: "Now [bedbugs are] back! Because of hippies with their goddamn DDT-inhibition!"

· Natalie Portman is rumored to play Lois Lane in Darren Aronofsky's version of Superman. Since this is never happening, don't hold your breath. (You'll suffocate!)

· Speaking of rumors: Latino Review says that Lane Pryce himself, Jared Harris, will play Dr. Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes 2.

· Time for The O.C. reunion you've been waiting patiently for! Series creator Josh Schwartz and star Rachel Bilson are teaming up for Ghost Angeles, a yet-to-be written series about a woman who sees dead people. So, The Ghost Whisperer. As long as Princess Sparkle"": shows up, I'm cool.

· This is awful: Joseph Cerniglia, who jumped off the George Washington bridge last week, is the second Gordon Ramsay reality show participant to commit suicide.