Who's on Top in the Inaugural SNL Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time-Player Relevancy Poll?

Remaining relevant is crucial for a cast member or, more importantly, a new featured player to stay in the good graces of Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels. Think you had a good week? Great, because you had better have another one (or find a writer whom really likes you) if you ever want to appear on air again outside of the Goodnights. Enter Movieline's SNL Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time-Player Relevancy Poll.

The Relevancy Poll is driven by a proprietary algorithm involving such factors as quality airtime and cultural buzz... it's all very objective! Though I initially crunched the numbers in Sunday's SNL recap, in this new feature, Movieline will gauge the chatter following each new episode and, based on that, create each week's NRFPTP Relevancy Poll. If your results differ, let's hear about it.

snl_poll_paul_brittain120.jpg1. Seth Meyers

SNL's head writer always benefits by being the voice of "Weekend Update" and benefits even more from an appearance by Amy Poehler. "Really?!? with Seth and Amy" was the highlight of the week.

snl_poll_paul_brittain120.jpg2. Kristen Wiig

She still had multiple sketch appearances, even though she was only heavily featured in two of them. She'll always be utilized heavily, let's just hope not as much as last season so some of the new talent -- talent that Wiig helped scout -- gets a shot.

snl_poll_paul_brittain120.jpg3. Bill Hader

Hader's ranking, like a lot of cast members this early in the season, is still mostly based on last season. Hader wasn't utilized a whole lot Saturday night, but he was the lead in the sketch of the night, "Wedding Venue."

snl_poll_paul_brittain120.jpg4. Andy Samberg

Samberg never has to appear in a ton of sketches as long as he delivers with his Digital Short. "Boogerman" was amusing; his failed interview with Justin Timberlake on "Actor II Actor" was better.

snl_poll_paul_brittain120.jpg5. Jason Sudeikis

Again, another ranking based mostly on last season. Sudeikis is basically the starting Quarterback of the cast who keeps the show together. It's painfully obvious when he's not utilized enough.

snl_poll_paul_brittain120.jpg6. Fred Armisen

Armisen starred in "Maternity Matters" and, more importantly, buzz wise, was featured as Governor Paterson opposite the real Paterson. It's still unclear if Armisen has officially lost his job as Obama to Jay Pharoah.

snl_poll_paul_brittain120.jpg7. Bobby Moynihan

Moynihan needs a breakout character; it's been awhile since we've seen Mark Payne, though he's killing in supporting roles. Little known fact: Moynihan wrote the "Single Ladies" sketch featuring him, Samberg and Timberlake dancing behind Beyonce.

snl_poll_paul_brittain120.jpg8. Jay Pharoah

Well, now, here's a guy on the rise. Of all the new featured players, he got the most screen time. Watch his stock shoot up if he lands the Obama role.

snl_poll_paul_brittain120.jpg9. Kenan Thompson

Not a good night for Kenan. At one point I reran the opening credits just to make sure we was still on the show. His only appearance was in the last sketch of the night, in drag (of course) as Tracy Chapman.

snl_poll_paul_brittain120.jpg10. Nasim Pedrad

Pedrad is so close to flying up this list, but she's just not quite there... yet. This season she'll have Bayer to contend with for airtime, but their styles differ quite a bit more compared to that of Pedrad and the departed Jenny Slate.

snl_poll_paul_brittain120.jpg11. Vanessa Bayer

Not given a whole lot to do in her first episode, but she made the most of her screen-time. If nothing else, she's very good at being funny while not speaking (seriously).

snl_poll_paul_brittain120.jpg12. Abby Elliott

Elliott was promoted this season to the full cast. Like much of last season, she didn't do much Saturday night. She's in desperate need of a recurring character because it's getting harder and harder to remember any character she's played -- except for, unfortunately, her uncanny Brittany Murphy.

snl_poll_paul_brittain120.jpg13. Taran Killam

Blink and you would have missed him. He got a quick laugh as Steven Slater in the final sketch of the night. And he seemed pleasant enough waving to the camera during the opening monologue.

snl_poll_paul_brittain120.jpg14. Paul Brittain

Other than waving to the camera during the monologue, Brittain's biggest contribution was playing a doctor in the Poehler's "Showtime" one legged Amber sketch. All in all, fairly normal for a first show.


  • The Winchester says:

    How long until some comment posits "SNL hasn't been relevant since ______ (Year when SNL wasn't really relevant, either)?

  • monger says:

    Yeah, I used to watch SNL with some regularity. That is, until it really turned to shit, which I figure has gotta be after the turn of the millennium, although with Fey still around it had its moments. Every now and then, I'll watch to see if I've been missing anything. Nope- still shit!

  • Nerd says:

    There must be something wrong with your algorithm if Seth Myers is # 1.
    Also, is Jenny Slate the girl that is in Bored To Death?

  • Artie Lange says:

    This show has been a mess since the end of that era with Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Darrell Hammond, Amy Pheler, fallon, horatio sanz and tracy morgan. I really think its beyond revival at this point.