Who is This Nicole Scherzinger Character and Do We Want Her on X Factor?

scherzinger225.jpgPiers Morgan and Simon Cowell spend their days starting rumors about each other, and today is no exception: Morgan indicated that Cowell's American version of X Factor will, in fact, include Pussycat Doll leader Nicole Scherzinger as a judge. Can we handle this? Let's weigh some pros and cons see if we can "stickwit" Nicole.

We'll start with cons, since those are springing to mind first:

· Nicole Scherzinger is as famous for botching an attempt at a solo career as she is for fronting PCD. If Jennifer Lopez's status as a straggling pop star already seems to jaundice American Idol's tenth season, Nicole Scherzinger's status as a flavorless and waning pop starlet threatens to cheapen X Factor.

· As a judge on the British X Factor, Scherzinger has already proven that she can be a producer stooge. Case in point: She let through talentless UK call girl Chloe Heald, who sang Shakira's "Underneath Your Clothes" with the pitch precision of a sputtering dial-up modem.

· She's not Paula Abdul. We all know we're waiting for her return.

· Does Scherzinger have the empathy needed to be an X Factor mentor? The relationships between the judges and contestants make the show different from Idol, and if Scherzinger can only give us polite soundbites, her airtime with the contestants will be flatter than an Antonella Barba high note.

· She doesn't have chemistry with Simon. That's the undeniable albatross around her bronzer-than-bronze neck.

Now for the pros:

· Scherzinger's winning stint on Dancing with the Stars proved one thing: The girl is talented. As Carrie Ann Inaba noted after one of Scherzinger's performances, her skill level matched and sometimes outshone her professional partner Derek Hough's. Perhaps it takes a showstopper to know a showstopper. I kind of hope it does.

· Viewers shunned Kara DioGuardi for her long-winded critiques on Idol (though I didn't), and it seems like Nicole Scherzinger will at least keep her comments brief. That's the sole reason Randy Jackson is tolerable to Idol fanatics.

· She won't try to win us over with jokes about unripe bananas. Click to 2:38. This may be Nicole's strongest asset yet.

Did I miss any others? Enlighten me in the comments.


  • Mimi says:

    Nicole is a huge hit on the X Factor UK, she is funny, kind, sympathetic, sweet, gorgeous and talented. We all want her to stay in the UK. And she has a brilliant rapport with Simon Cowell.
    Your article is a load of rubbish - you obviously haven't a clue what you are talking about. Try watching some YouTube of Nicole on the X Factor before you spout your ignorant, uninformed comments.

  • jamie says:

    I think Niuole is great. She beautiful and talented and deserves to be on X Factor USA. Cheryl Cole is boring now and has no right to judge people who can actually sing as she cannot.

  • Charaze says:

    To be honest, although Nicole is part of The Pussycat Dolls and she's lead vocalist, her voice just wouldn't cut it to be a rightful judge on X Factor. X Factor needs more than a Nicole Scherzinger to tell them or critic about their vocals. Not such a great idea, X Factor.

  • Alice says:

    I love Nicole and do not see her as flavorless or having a wanning career. She won DWTS against an Olympian so she had many fans.

  • Mimi says:

    @ Charaze, look at these videos and please tell me again that Nicole cannot sing. Why do people spout stuff that they know nothing about?

  • Gor says:

    I am not her fan, or not least not that much, but let me tell you, of all of her aspects, her voice isn't something that should never be questioned about. She's an all rounder singer. She sang rock with Slash that even Slash told George Lopez he was amazed with her voice. She sings opera that she performed for a maestro in an opera concert a long time ago. She was even asked to be a part of wicked Broadway but refused for her group at the time. She won in "Popstar", an American singing competition, was asked before Fergie for Black Eyed Peas but was with Eden's Crush group. Even Prince himself liked her after people's choice award that he approached her. And lately, she sang in "Rent" in Hollywood Bowl where she stood out among the rest. She also performed in Sing Off on nbc and sang the national anthem beautifully.. I can give you a lot more but you get the point. Maybe we can question her other aspects, though I personally think she'd be great for the show, but never her talents..and I haven't even talked about her dancing,songwriting and acting skills... I don't blame you because she haven't got her break big big solo hit song yet that really show her vocal prowess but listen to some here for additional ideas: (youtube so you know she always sings live)

  • Gor says:

    Jesus, have I become a fan

  • Rudy Germer says:

    I had issues with your website on my browser and had to refresh the page a couple of times, I'm using an older version of Firefox. I enjoyed the articles and comments and will be back!

  • TJ086 says:

    CLEARLY this writer has never seen Nicole on UK X factor. All the judges let Chloe through, not just Nicole (what a stupid criticism in the first place) and she single handedly changed the rules this year to make the categories more diverse. She was succinct, charming and funny. I'm not even a fan but the girl was good on X Factor, the end.

  • Am not surprised by Cherly's choices after all she is obviously tone deaf you can tell that from her own singing!!
    Danni got it spot on and never thought i would say it but Louis even got it right for a change! Simon did the predictable and went with the pound signs on two bands he manufactured which I don't personally agree with but least his choices can sing.

  • no xplode says:

    I heard on the grapevine that already Cher Lloyd to quit. Is this true?!

  • matio says:

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