What's On: Don't Leave Lone Star Alone!

The ratings-deficient new Fox drama Lone Star is indisputably the best-received new show of the season. So why isn't it pulling in American Idol ratings yet? It's because life's not fair, but Movieline exists because we want to rectify that. Join us tonight for the new episode, won't you? Also on TV this evening: Dancing with the Stars sizzles, Chuck goes transcontinental, and a certain Coen Bros. caper spices up Spike TV.

Lone Star [Fox, 10 PM]

Bob (James Wolk) recruits his father (David Keith) to help with the wind-farm scheme, and Lindsay begins to suspect that she doesn't know her man so well. According to series creator Kyle Killen, the show will need to about double its viewership in order to stay on the air. So tell your friends! Family members! Freaky exes! This show is worth more than two episodes.

Dancing with the Stars [ABC, 8 PM]

Will Jennifer Grey earn the highest score of the group for the second week in a row? Will Margaret Cho rebound from her pitiful 15-point debut? And what about Brandy? I mean, really, what about Brandy?

Chuck [NBC, 8 PM]

Chuck and Sarah go undercover at Milan fashion week because...well, because this is sort of like a Nickelodeon show. That's fine. This episode boasts the strangest trio of guest stars I've seen all year: Karolina Kurkova, Lou Ferrigno, and superstar Old Spice huckster Isaiah Mustafa. And maybe Oprah! I mean, why not?

No Country for Old Men [Spike, 9 PM]

Javier Bardem sports the scariest pudding-bowl haircut of all time as psychopathic bounty hunter Anton Chigurh in the Coen brothers' 2007 Best Picture winner. He's after Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin), a man in West Texas who steals a trove of cash at the scene of a botched drug loot. Some argue that There Will Be Blood was more deserving of Best Picture than this, but I'll definitely take this film's mysterious final moments over P.T. Anderson's indecipherable concluding scene.


  • Mike the Movie Tyke says:

    One theory: Everybody looks like everybody else. The guy from Lone Star looks like practically everybody else on TV, because networks come up with good concepts but cast them with the same "handsome on wry" bland actors. What happened to characters? Animation, reality and shows like House are popular because at least they contain true, memorable characters.

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Is Lone Star really "the best-received new show of the season?" Gasp. The lead character is such a bore, a con man without charm. I do like that networks are taking chances on more traditional cable-type fare, so I hope it gets more interesting.

  • TurdBlossom says:

    The guy from Lone Star's handsome, but he has date rapey eyes.

  • stolidog says:

    Lone Star is failing because at least half of Americans despise Texans and just can't get past the name.

  • bierce says:

    If Lone Star was about the guy leading 2 lives, I might try sticking with it, but living 3 lives is too much. They should have cut the sweet wifey part and concentrated on infiltrating Jon Voight's company, but it's academic now because no one is watching. Plus, it's clear that the ongoing plot device is "will he be found out this week and how will he cover for himself?" That would get old real fast.

  • lolitahaze says:

    nothing can make me care about lone star. it's pretty much standard fare high concept network tv starring uninteresting run of the mill bland actors. aka #whitepeopleproblems.
    there's much better shows out there. let darwin take this one.

  • LickyDisco says:

    Louis, can we talk? Quit picking on "Chuck"...please? Pretty please? With Anton Chigurh on top?