Is a Cheater Lurking on Project Runway?

tim-gunn-main.jpg· Tim Gunn has a special announcement in the preview for this week's episode of Project Runway: "There has been an accusation of cheating." Who's the guilty party? Andy? Mondo? Michael C.? Michael Kors? [Jezebel]

· Ryan Murphy says that Gwyneth Paltrow will do "three or four solos" on Glee. I'd love it if she was cruisin' together with Mercedes. [Just Jared]

· Treat Williams is set to star in a Lifetime pilot called Against the Wall as "an old-school career Chicago cop who is rough around the edges." Teehee. [Deadline]

· Joss Whedon says he'd like to put the cast of The Avengers "in a room and just make Glengarry Glen Ross." Always be closing, Joss. [/Film]

· Meet Smallville's new Daily Planet reporter Cat Grant. She may have a crush on Clark because, well, of course. [TV Guide]