Trailer for Eliot Spitzer Film Client 9 Takes on Greed, Corruption, Sex and Other Things Rich People Like

Still seething with rage at Wall Street after seeing this weekend's number one movie? Looking for another film to fan the flames? Or maybe you're just looking for one that has more information weaved in and not just endless catch phrases. Regardless, it looks like Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney has you covered in his new documentary about the disgraced New York governor, Client Nine: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer.

Since we're talking rise and fall here, the film starts by examining Spitzer's promising rise to governor and his notoriety for going after corruption on Wall Street. Then it chronicles his fall from grace following an affair with a prostitute. And then the timing of his resignation, the celebrations on Wall Street, the PR firms that financial companies hired to go after Spitzer, get the idea. Take down! The trailer also takes a detour into the world of high-priced prostitutes, which suggests that it doesn't let the former governor off the hook either.

This one probably covers less ground than Charles Ferguson's upcoming financial exposé, but it looks like it examines the interplay of politics and the financial sector more thoroughly. Also, Gibney showed he knew his way around this material years ago with Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, which was as entertaining and fast-paced as it was damning and informative.

Verdict: Sell! Buy! Sell! Sold!