Darren Aronofsky Latest Director Rumored for Superman

darrenaronofsky_120.jpgThe long list of eclectic directors in the running to helm the reboot of Superman has just gotten one name longer. According to 24 Frames, Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky has spoken to Warner Bros. and producer Christopher Nolan about getting behind the camera for the next incarnation of the Man of Steel. Just imagine the fun he could have with the whole Bizarro Superman subplot. [LAT/24 Frames]


  • Juke Early says:

    Nolan will undoubtedly hire the best director available. The recurring dilemma is casting the lead rôle. I like Jon Hamm as Clark Kent, but could he really convincingly embody the action scenes? I just feel if it's to be more than a one-off, a younger, lesser known actor is needed. And fgs - one who is as believable a Man of Steel as Christian Bale is Batman.