9 Tweets That Suggest CBS Might Have Buyer's Remorse Over Don't Tell Steve

You reap what you sow, America. In the wake of the first week success of $#*! My Dad Says, CBS is now doubling down on the whole people-will-watch-a-TV-show-based-on-a-Twitter-feed phenomenon. Today it was announced that the network is developing Don't Tell Steve, a new sitcom based on @shhdontellsteve, an occasionally amusing Twitter feed about a guy and his roommate, Steve. Ahead, 9 tweets that prove CBS might have buyer's remorse about this one.

(Assume all egregious spelling errors are part of the charm/tweet.)

· "Steve texted on his way home: 'Cuming home. Line up a shot, pak a bowl & cue last night's JS' (Jersey Shore)" -- Sept. 13, 2010

· "Steve, just now, yelling from our bathroom: 'Total Asparagus pee bro! Come smell!'" -- Sept. 11, 2010

· "Me: 'Name an achievement you're proud of?' Steve: 'If it's a guy, I'm gonna tell him about my H.S. girlfriend giving me 21 BJs in 30 days'" -- Aug. 17, 2010

· "Steve's [July] 4th Outfit: Army Green Cargo Shorts and a T-Shirt that has a Mudflap Girl holding an American Flag that says 'America the Bootyful.'" -- July 4, 2010

· "Steve's won't talk about the script. I only know it's called Party Spy, about a party animal frat guy turned CIA operative." -- Apr. 22, 2010

· "Lost track of Steve after bar hopping. He just got home said 'Did you tape Cougar Town?' Then passed out on the couch." -- March 18, 2010

· "Steve: 'Want to hear something cool?' Me: 'Yes.' Steve: 'I had the hiccups yesterday, so I jacked off and they went away.'" -- Feb. 13, 2010

· Steve New Moon Review pt2: Steve wanted Jacob and Edward to kill each other early so Bella could hook up with Alice: 'That would be hot.'" -- Nov. 23, 2009

· Steve Txt from class: 'euro history boring girls n short shorts r awesome.'" -- Sept. 8, 2009

Expect to see Don't Tell Steve (from executive producer Ashton Kutcher, p.s.) get millions of viewers when it premieres on CBS next year.


  • The Winchester says:

    Perhaps they can mix it with the TV version of "All About Steve" to create something absolutely nobody wants to se... actually, no, it'll repel viewers on its own just fine.

  • Martini Shark says:

    I'm going to buck the entire premise of this feed: I am in fact going to tell Steve his show sucks.

  • HwoodHills says:

    Please don't tell us the working title is "Stupid $@!& My Roommate Steve Says.
    (And what's the over/under on one of these twitter feeds finally getting the "Frey" expose´ they deserve?)

  • Trace says:

    That actually sounds kinda funny...from a supporting character in An R rTed comedy.