Katy Perry To Ruin The Simpsons In December

Simpsons-Katy-Perry_500.jpgOh, Simpsons. My first clue should have been when you set your iconic opening to the sounds of Ke[dollar sign]ha's execrable song "Tik Tok." And now comes word that Katy Perry will guest star on a future episode? Somewhere, back in 1989, my elementary school heart is breaking.

EW is reporting that not only will the chesty chanteuse guest in a Christmas-themed episode, she'll actually be appearing a live-action segment with the Springfieldians present in puppet form. Plus, she'll be Moe's girlfriend! Which is funny! Because Moe is ugly and Katy Perry has large breasts which she often displays prominently!

Why puppets? Why Katy Perry? Why, sweet merciful God, why? I grimly await the episode where Marge becomes a robot.

· Katy Perry to Guest Star on The Simpsons [EW]


  • chowderhead says:

    So, wait! Is it guest stars bad, then? You're now agreeing with the Stanley thesis? Or are you adding a new component.... guest stars bad despite the possibility of good writing when you don't like the guest star?

  • Doh! says:

    The Simpsons ran its course ten years ago. Fox, please, mercifully let it end.

  • Don'tLikeIt?Don'tWatchit! says:

    There is too much GARBAGE on TV now. The Simpsons may not be in one of it's periods of high popularity right now, but it is one of a precious few entertaining shows left on the air. As for Katy Perry displaying her breasts prominanty - women have breasts, always have! They don't fold up neatly into a womans chest like the kitchen table in your trailer when her husband is done playing with them! Why should they limit what kind of project she can take on. As anyone what screwed them up the most as a child - and they will sayit was their parents, not seeing someones body parts on seasame street!

  • Glasdow says:

    Are you under the impression that the Simpsons has been off the air for the last decade? Guest spots from N'Sync and Britney Spears didn't bother you, but Katy Perry is the big shark jump moment?

  • David K says:

    Anybody who finds The Simpsons funny past Season 15 has the comedic threshold of Two and a Half Men with the laugh track replaced by a continuous stream of whistles and boings and entire cast composed of one-shot guest stars.
    It is absolutely unwatchable.

  • Plan says:

    Agreed, the Simpsons has been terrible for at least the last decade, and I'm tired of seeing this brainless slut relentlessly promoting herself on every TV show that will have her.
    Oh, how I'd love to throw her in a gladiator match and clap delightedly as a lion eviscerates her. This I shall decree when I am Emperor of These United States.

  • Michael says:

    "why", you ask? Why the puppets? Why the breasts? Well let's think about it for a moment.... hmmmm..... sumthin happen'd... Not so long ago....
    Say, wasn't Katy Perry recently banned from some type of "Childrens' Cul-deSac" which is known to zone special residences for Muppets? Do you suppose that Simpsons is perhaps making a commentary on that?

  • Phoenixrising says:

    Ruin the simpsons? She's about 7 years too late for that.