What's On: Tom Selleck Broods on Blue Bloods

selleck225.jpgTom Selleck is back on the primetime beat, ladies and gentlemen. How excited are we? I'm torqued. He looks like if There Will Be Blood's Daniel Plainview seriously just loved milkshakes. Click through to see what you can expect from his new show Blue Bloods -- as well tonight's other viewing options.

Blue Bloods [CBS, 10 PM]

A multigenerational family of cops solves crimes and gets into dinnertime food fights (I'm assuming) on this procedural. In the pilot, Selleck's youngest son graduates from the police academy and another son is accused of using "excessive force" in investigating a kidnapping crime.

Outlaw [NBC, 10 PM]

Garza (Jimmy Smits) and his team head to Arizona to deal with an immigration case. Jesus Christ, in episode two? They're not messing around. But then again, they're outlaws.

Supernatural [CW, 9 PM]

The sixth season -- wow, already? -- begins with Sam's release from hell. He seeks out Dean and tries to convince him to fight evil again. Looks like it's going to work out for Sam, y'all.

Young Frankenstein [Cinemax, 8 PM]

In one of the greatest comic performances of all time, Gene Wilder plays Victor Frankenstein, a mad genius who engineers a clumsy old subhuman monster (Peter Doyle). Mel Brooks's unmatched classic also gives us screwy character roles for Teri Garr, the googly-eyed Marty Feldman, and perhaps the best comic actress of her generation, Madeline Kahn.