Lots of Things Explode in Trailer for Olivier Assayas' Globe-Trotting Terrorist Epic Carlos

Critics at Cannes loved Oliver Assayas' five-and-a-half-hour chronicle of Cold War terrorist Carlos The Jackal. Nonetheless, five-and-a-half-hour movies are pretty tough to get pumped about. That is, unless they have amazing trailers like this one.

It's easy to see why Edgar Ramirez is winning so much acclaim for his performance, even from the trailer. He looks every bit as cool, calm, and dangerous as he needs to, and seems to show impressive restraint and depth as the film goes on to chart his downfall.

The trailer also has a great rhythm that I hope is representative of the film, with procedural scenes and dialogue exchanges punctuated by bursts of violence, romance, and explosions. Lots of explosions. The washed-out 70's look suits the material perfectly, and the long list of settings promises a film that bounces along and takes audiences new and exotic places. What more could you want in a thriller?

IFC Films will release a two-and-a-half hour cut of the film in theaters of select cities, but after this trailer, I'm going to hold out for the longer version, which will play on the Sundance Channel over three nights starting Oct. 11. Set the DVR now.

Verdict: Sold.


  • daveed says:

    I'd rather see this rather than a 5+ hour movie about that other terrorist, Che Guevara.

  • Anne Chastain Carroll says:

    Domino was a very well done but overlooked film. Edgar Ramirez stole that film out from under Mickey Rourke, Kira Knightly and Christopher Walken. I am delighted to see him finally get the respect he deserves. It should be shown in five hour-long episodes on cable or available through Netflix. The trailer is awesome.