Buzz Break: Lindsay Lohan Gets a New Mugshot

· The latest Lindsay Lohan mugshot has arrived and after three other attempts, it looks like she may have just nailed it this time. Click ahead to see a bigger picture of the mugshot and strap in for more Buzz Break.


· It looks like embattled New York State governor David Paterson is headed to Saturday Night Live this weekend to awkwardly interact with Fred Armisen and tell jokes about New Jersey.

· Chuck continues its assault on geek bait guest stars: Summer Glau will appear in an upcoming episode.

· Want to watch a clip of Glee stars Heather Morris and Naya Rivera singing "Me Against the Music"? Thought so.

· Phil Hartman would have been 62 today.


  • R4i says:

    I'm afraid the mugshot is missing two black eyes and a broken jaw, but otherwise ok.

  • The Winchester says:

    "...after three other attempts, it looks like she may have just nailed it this time."
    A phrase oft heard on the "I Know Who Killed Me" director's commentary.

  • TurdBlossom says:

    I'm patiently waiting for the other eight, than making and selling a collectable calender.

  • Keith says:

    The one immediately preceding this one was a bit hotter, if you ask me, which you didn't.

  • FrancoisTrueFaux says:

    I just LOL'd, thanks for that.

  • Betty says:

    these young people of Hollywood are disgusting and poor examples of America's young people. they are nothing but spoiled brats that hav been given too much, drug addicts and boozers. they diserve to spend time in jail and severe punishment. there are punishments for your actions and they deserve the most. they will never learn, they are sick puppies and need some serious rehab.

  • "B" says:

    4 heavens sake. Lindsey has everything going 4 her and she isnt anything but a spoiled, totten brat. Im sick of hearing about her problems. She ought to be in some of our shoes; no money, a lousey car, no family. Let her go the wat she wants and destroy herself. She has been given way too many chances and certainly way to much attention. Geta real life, u brat.

  • Dee says:

    Sorry but if you can't do the Time Don't Do The Crime. She has gotten off litely compared to a normal person they would of already been serving time and it would of been more than 15 days. She is lucky she has her money.

  • Victor Ward says:

    I'm with you; she totally did this one right. I mean, if America arrested celebrities back in the day, this is the kind of mugshot Judy Garland would deliver. Timeless. Clang, clang, clang went the jail cells.

  • J.E.B. says:

    This is an OLD story that just keeps getting OLDER.

  • prom night says:

    At minimum I'd say that the best action to even try to save her life and maybe a bit of her career would be to check herself into a long term rehab NOW while she is waiting for her legal fate. If she could embrace a program, work it, and STAY until summoned by the courts, a few things might happen. First, she might learn something. Second, she might become a little bit clear headed at least. Third, it would help her to stay away from her toxic friends and family and any more "triggers" in her way. Fourth, she might actually learn something about herself and decide that she is worth more than she's been giving her self credit. And last, but not least, it would show good faith to the legal powers that be that maybe she is serious. In my opinion this is the least she could do. If she doesn't do this immediately, I don't see much positive going on for her in the future. Of course, only she can turn this around, and she has to want it.

  • jack handy says:


  • Martin says:

    as long as she receives special treatment from the legal system nothing will change. The system is reinforcing her belief that the law does not apply to her and she can laugh it it's face. Put the little girl in jail for a year or two no time off for overcrowding or good behavior and at the same time save her life.

  • luke says:

    "Lindsay has everything going 4 her"
    Obviously she doesn't. She wouldn't be the first child star to go off the rails.
    The media don't look at stars as people and that goes for many members of the public. They are as likely to mess up their lives as anyone else. If you're as narrow minded as to think fame and money is a guarantee of happiness I have no doubt many of those who berate her would end up the same way. The hatred can only be sparked by jealousy.

  • french maid says:

    On Wednesday I heard the truth that Lindsay Lohan is at long last returning to drug and alcohol rehab. This really is in all likelihood at least her 4th occasion. I really wish that Lilo works to make it on this occasion. The single thing she is heading for is more prison time or loss of life. I at the same time have high hopes for her and know that Lindsay Lohan is not really doing this for marketing purposes!!