A Puking Tony Stark was Supposed to Open Iron Man 2

I already like the movie better. In this past summer's pretty disappointing Iron Man 2, the movie opens with Iron Man calmly walking out onto the platform of an open plane cargo door. Them without comment, he jumps out and pretty routinely flies down to the applause of adoring fans -- followed by two hours of explosions.

But wait...what happened to that fun little "you complete me" line from the trailer that we all fell in love with? You know, the one that Tony sarcastically yells out to Pepper right after she throws his helmet out of the plane? Obviously, it was cut -- along with a whole lot more.

The original, and vastly superior, opening is now (at least for the moment) online. It begins with our hero, Tony Stark, on the plane, hung-over, bent over a toilet. As a rule, every Iron Man movie should begin with a hung-over Tony Stark bent over a toilet. A surprisingly long scene of Tony and Pepper bickering follows.

Why this scene was ever changed is beyond me. It completely changes the opening from a pretty self-congratulatory circle-jerk to one of a reluctant, hung-over, hero who can't resist the calling of his own ego. Would it have made the rest of the film better? Not really. But at least it would have started on the right tone.

[Blastr via Vulture]


  • LickyDisco says:

    Uh, sha - much better beginning. What the hell, who had the final say on that opening, Favreau?

  • therocan says:

    I think the one reason was due to the kids wanting to watch their superhero for the second time on the big screen. It stinks, but allot of parents still think that children should be censored; but look at what the past years of censoring has done to children: earlier sex drives, high violence cravings, and destructive/rude behavior. Why? Because of curiosity. Children will find out about life sooner or later, and parents think later is the better answer when children's natural curiosity to learn about life leads them to the bad choices and the "funner" side, which our older generation would have done if it wasn't for our parents (god bless them). So ask yourselves: Does what i say shock you, or is it bs. Your choice.

  • Erik says:

    This is definitely more interesting. I didnt like Iron Man 2...in fact i thought Iron Man one was pretty boring (but definitely better than the sequel). This cut scene actually was entertaining and should have been left intact and part of the final product.

  • Zach says:

    dude your so stupid, to think that censoring movies and stuff cause is children to make bad decisions is beyond to stupid, movies do their toll, but its a nations crisis, not a just through movies retard.

  • Rman says:

    "Them without comment?"
    Who ARE them without comment? Spell check: it's a b!tch....

  • JaySin420 says:

    Good move to cut this out cause it was way too fun of a scene and wouldn't have fit with the rest of the boring movie.