Time to Pick Undercovers's Most Ludicrous Screen Shot: Stabbing North by Northwestward

Did you watch Undercovers last night? Big secret: It was like if Chuck didn't know its main demo is 11-year-olds. Because on Undercovers, these married, balcony-hopping spies are real adults who are quite serious about playing grab-ass on the job, says producer J.J. Abrams. Well, despite the hotness of stars Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, the pilot was pulpy and full of cliche spy stuff -- including the following screenshot, the most hilarious candidate in a pool of thousands.

North By Northwest Hitchcock Cary Grant Eva Marie Saint pic 3.jpg

OK, some context: Boris here is grinning deliriously as he dangles off a building, swipes a knife from a baddie's pant leg, and uses his "free arm" to stab that baddie in the foot. In case you didn't understand that. Who does he think he is, hanging off of giant structures and emoting like a breathless vixen? Eva Marie Saint?

North By Northwest Hitchcock Cary Grant Eva Marie Saint pic 3.jpg

Was there a more insane screenshot I missed? Post it in the comments and embarrass me.


  • Gigi says:

    Hm...well, if you watch the scene in context, he's not grinning, he's grimacing, because you know, he's trying to hang on for his dear life while getting a chance to stab the guy.

  • "the pilot was pulpy and full of cliche spy stuff "
    Sounds like Alias. How did that show do? 🙂

  • Louis Virtel says:

    Oh come now. We all know the Alias premiere ruled. Not comparable!

  • Bradley Paul Valentine says:

    I'm sure the show sucks, Louis, but nobody knows what the hell you're talking about with this screen grab thing.
    I am watching ALIAS season 1 right now. It's pretty annoying. Sydny has to be the most irresponsible, emotional, unprofessional spy ever. And then the pussy whipped handler says, "You're AMAZING."
    But yeah. I keep on watching.

  • Matthew says:

    Five seasons and multiple emmy nominations?

  • Geri says:

    NBC, Undercovers was better than so many brainless shows on network. Those people are some of the best looking AA I've seen on TV, and they are intelligent, well spoken, and talented. Of course they share some similarities in real life such as, each has a caucasian parent, several languages, and educated. For all of the reasons stated herein, I will enjoy watching the program. Thank God it's on Wednesday's at 8pm because Wednesdays at 10pm, I will be glued to CBS with their suurefire hit, the Defenders.

  • LickyDisco says:

    "It was like if Chuck didn’t know its main demo is 11-year-olds."
    Louie, that hurts! I'm hell and gone from 11, and I've never missed an episode of "Chuck"!