Social Network Hype Round-Up: Mark Zuckerberg Outspends Everybody to Accidentally Promote Film

To paraphrase Full Metal Jacket, a day without a breathless scan of the Social Network superculture is like a day without sunshine. Or maybe Marion Berry said that about crack. I'm terrible with these kinds of things. But I'll always have RSS. To wit:

· No good deed goes unpunished, and thus Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has drawn more than a few skeptical double-takes after pledging a $100 million donation to faltering public schools in Newark, N.J. This of course, occurs the week before The Social Network's release -- a release, you'll remember, that Zuckerberg himself is said to dread because of its character implications. Whether he's a high-functioning altruist or just an ass-covering billionaire, that squeal of delight you heard was a Sony marketing exec exulting all the way out in Culver City.

· Coincidentally: "I hope that people understand that I have an enormous amount of empathy for Mark Zuckerberg," director David Fincher told Time. "I know what it is to be in a room, as a 21-year-old, with a bunch of grownups. You're hawking your wares, and they're all looking at you like, 'Isn't it cute how passionate he is?' So I really understood his frustration."

· And prepare for a few hundred of these unconfirmed Mark Zuckerberg sightings as preview screenings and the wide release approach.

· Finally, for the record, the author of the Facebook opus on which Social Network was loosely based raved: "I personally came out of there saying this is the best movie I've ever seen." Ben Mezrich continued, somewhat hilariously: "Facebook wants to keep calling it fiction, but there's a lot of documentation. It may be the most documented movie ever made." There you have it.


  • Awesome on the movie makers part, to document these little dweebs, and i really loved Mark's character in the movie, as he realized exactly what he had, mostly because of the daily turnover of new signups/checkbacks/addictive nature of young people, and some old. He was then convinced of his success and ideation's value after seeing all the cease and desist, law suits, and other grown ups all wanting to sue him and or give him 300 or 500 million dollars, Just to start off.
    The amazing thing about this is that the site, outside of its bootstrapping, and Gatesesque Pig headed, motivation/business story, is a marketers' delight, but a consumer shit sandwich.
    This site is Big Brother on steroids, with Oracle and IBM, and all the best database technology behind its weasely innocent face, all synchronized to sell us all out to the man.
    Absolutely Great Film, shitty website.