So Tell Me About My Generation: A Movieline Premiere Week FAQ

Bad news, television watchers. Tonight brings the premiere episodes of three of the worst reviewed shows of the fall. Is My Generation worse than Outsourced and $#*! My Dad Says? That answer and many more ahead in the latest edition of Movieline's Premiere Week FAQ.

Wow, so it has come to this, huh?

It has.

Is My Generation as bad as I think?



I know.

Well, what's it about?

My Generation (premiering tonight at 8 on ABC), is a mockumentary about nine former high school friends and where their lives have landed them in the ten years following high school.

A mockumentary? Like The Office?

No, because the mockumentarian is actually narrating things too. So you get scenes of happy-go-lucky high school kids partying in the year 2000 coupled with voice over like this: "It was a time of prosperity, of budget surpluses and peace. But for these students -- and the country alike -- change was just around the corner."


I know.

So they use real life events from the last ten years?

Yes, in the opening minutes we're shown everything from the 2000 presidential election to the financial meltdown.

Oh, well at least they don't show 9/11, right?

No, they do.

This is making me angry.

It should.

OK, well who are the characters we're following here?

Ah, glad you asked! They are as follows: The Over-Achiever, The Brain, The Jock, The Rock Star, The Beauty Queen, The Rich Kid, The Wallflower, The Nerd and The Punk.

No, I know those are their archetypes, but how does My Generation describe its cast?

Oh, sorry: The Over-Achiever, The Brain, The Jock, The Rock Star, The Beauty Queen, The Rich Kid, The Wallflower, The Nerd and The Punk.

Wait, they actually call them that? Like on-screen?

Yes, each of them has a chyron. They have names too, but really: Why bother?

Good question. Now that we've got the participants out of the way, what happens?

Much contrived nonsense. It goes without saying that most of the characters don't end up where they thought they'd be following high school -- the Over-Achiever becomes a burnout, The Brain becomes a lawyer and not a scientist, etc. -- so we pick up the with the documentary crew returning to see where each of the friends are now.

I can't say I really care that much. Who's in this mess?

You'll recognize some of the faces for sure: Jamie King is The Beauty Queen, Michael Stahl-David (from Cloverfield) is The Over-Achiever, Mehcad Brooks is The Jock, Kelli Garner is The Punk.

Oh, I know them. Poor guys. Will they have careers after My Generation gets canceled?

For sure. Garner, in particular, is really charming and fun. If this show was a hit, she'd have breakout potential. As would Keir O'Donnell, who plays The Nerd (who could also be called The Virgin).

Where do I know him from?

He was the creepy brother in Wedding Crashers who paints Vince Vaughn.

Ah, yes. What creative mastermind is behind My Generation?

Noah Hawley. He was a co-producer on Bones and also created The Unusuals.

That show that had Jeremy Renner, Adam Goldberg and Harold Perrineau and Amber Tamblyn?

That's the one.

Ugh. Do you think My Generation will last as long as The Unusuals?

Probably not. Once people see it, I have a hard time believing they'll ever return again. Though in a world where Mike & Molly gets big ratings, who knows?

I'm the one who asks questions here.


Final one: Is My Generation the worst new show of the fall?

Without a doubt. I'll put it this way: Outsourced was better.


That about sums it up.


  • The Winchester says:

    How can this be? The thing at AMC that played before Takers couldn't stop talking about how "revolutionary" this TV show was!