Lone Star Creator Writes Open Letter in Effort to Stave Off Cancellation

Desperate times call for desperate measures. With Lone Star perched on the precipice of cancellation, creator Kyle Killen has done what every person here in 2010 does when something unfortunate befalls them: Taken to the Internet to write about it! This morning, he posted a plea to television watchers nationwide in an attempt to get them to watch Lone Star on Monday night. Will this last-minute Hail Mary pass work?

Absolutely not. Kudos, though, to Killen for treating his missive with the self-deprecation it so richly deserves:

For us to survive we're going to have to pull off a minor miracle. Statistically, new shows tend to lose viewers in their second week. We're aiming to gain them. In fact, screw it, let's just double our audience. The good news is, our audience was so small that if my Mom AND my Dad watch it we'll pretty much be there.

Zinger! Killen goes on to acknowledge that Lone Star airing beyond episode two is "nearly impossible," but hopes millions of people will just want to watch a "damn good hour of television." Samesies, Kyle.

· You're Invited to Our Stunning Upset [The Letter Eleven via Vulture]


  • zooeyglass1999 says:

    I didn't watch this on Monday but I did Tivo it. However, I doubt I will even watch it now knowing it will more than likely be cancelled soon.

  • CM says:

    I very much enjoyed the pilot and will be among those watching next week. Considering that the majority of the new fall shows are fairly lackluster, this would have been a much welcomed addition.

  • bubba says:

    I love Lone Star, figures, what will replace it, a reality show???

  • bierce says:

    I had heard Lone Star compared to Dallas, but it seemed more like the Eddie Izzard TV show, The Riches, except without any of the humor. I would have given Lone Star a few more episodes to see if I liked where it was going, but it didn't give me much hope.

  • BILL says:

    I watched it the 1st week only to see the star character basically being caught by both families he is bilking. No reason to watch further since he will either go straight or just continue getting caught..... been there done that.