Boardwalk Empire Preview: Snarks Over Snooker

· OK, it's not really "snooker" -- but how fun is that to say? I feel like an old monocled constable. In this preview for Boardwalk Empire's next episode, "Ivory Tower," we watch as pool balls fall into side pockets and sinister metaphors rack up out of nowhere. [Cinema Blend]

· Chris Noth may be joking, but he says that bad press "killed" the Sex and the City franchise for good. Why was I so sure it had something to do with... regular old terribleness? [ONTD]

· Make way for more Hellcats and One Tree Hill, haters. [THR]

· Taylor Momsen has a hell of a response to Tim Gunn's comment that she was a "brat" on the set of Gossip Girl: "I don't respond to that." Good one! Oh wait: Team Gunn for life, dear. You lose. [ONTD]

· Emmy production designer Steve Bass will work next year's Oscars. Archie Panjabi's chances for an Academy Award just exploded. [Deadline]


  • Bradley Paul Valentine says:

    You can't blame Noth's confusion why after years of being a piece of shit NOW that awful premise is rejected.