Natalie Portman as 'Edgy' Snow White, and 6 Other Stories You'll Be Talking About Today

portman_makingof.jpgAlso in today's Broadsheet: Breaking Dawn resists the 3-D tide (for now)... Prince of Persia is the most scathing anti-Iraq metaphor you never saw... McG and Bryan Singer retreat to the Web... and more...

· That rumored "edgy" Snow White adaptation that Brett Ratner was planning at Relativity apparently has drawn "interest" from Natalie Portman. I hasten to add that the Black Swan star is not attached, nor is the film beyond the earliest of development stages. That said, I thought this was Courtney Love's project to lose? [Pajiba]

· Summit Entertainment has confirmed that the two-part Twilight Saga finale Breaking Dawn will be produced in glorious 2-D. Don't belt "Hallelujah" just yet, however: The studio also noted that a 3-D conversion in post is not out of the question. Spines, people! Use them! [Gossip Cop via MTV]

· "Prince of Persia features the most absurdly obvious anti-Iraq War themes. In a film that generally dwells only on surfaces, the only delving below the surface that goes on in this film is when the film's leads, ludicrous stand-ins for George Bush and Dick Cheney, go digging underneath the Persian sands to find hidden weapons to justify their attack on an innocent holy city(!)." Her emphasis, not mine. [Libertas]

· McG and Bryan Singer may never make a movie again, but they'll always have the Web. Won't we all. [LAT]

· Playwright L.D. Napier apparently cast her filmmaking debut Mis-Fits using IMDB and a blindfold: Guy Pearce, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Seymour Cassel, Cloris Leachman and Virginie Ledoyen are all signed up to star in the comedy about a private eye who goes searching for people's "lost, dead relatives." [THR]

· DreamWorks and the makers of Disturbia are off the hook from claims they ripped off Rear Window; a judge on Tuesday dismissed a copyright infringement suit brought by the estate of author Cornell Woolrich in 2008. [Reuters]

· NYC lawyer Daniel K. Perlman squatted rent-free in his office for seven months after his landlord moved out -- of the 40th floor of the Empire State Building. My hero. [NYT]