Buzz Break: Lost's Hurley Leaves the Island to Sing with Weezer

· Lost's Jorge Garcia channeled his inner Charlie Pace last night in Los Angeles when he took the stage with Weezer. Considering the band named their recent album "Hurley" and used a photo of Garcia for the album art, this was probably inevitable. Watch Garcia sing "Perfect Situation" with Rivers Cuomo and get more Buzz Break after the jump.

· More Hurley news! Garcia will appear on an episode of the new Matthew Perry sitcom, Mr. Sunshine, later this season.

· New York Governor David Paterson, Hollywood ghostwriter? According to Oliver Stone, the embattled politician helped craft one of Wall Street 2's less obvious jokes.

· 30 Rock co-star Jack McBrayer is heading to Broadway. He'll appear in a staged reading of Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart at the Walter Kerr Theater in Manhattan on Oct. 18. Kramer's play, about the early years of the AIDS crisis, will be celebrating its 25th anniversary.

· David O. Russell is employable again. The hot-headed director is in talks to helm Under Cover, a Jim Carrey project about a man who finds peace in fronting a cover band. Not to be confused with J.J. Abrams, Undercovers.

· Move over, Showgirls. Today is also the sixth anniversary of the premiere of Lost. Where were you, etc.?