4 Edgy Family Situations Tackled in Last Night's Parenthood, Including Chocolate Pudding and a Gilmore Girl

What happens when you hire your middle-aged sister to intern at your manufacturing company and she ends up flirting with your oily boss (played by Billy Baldwin) over a tub of chocolate pudding? Parenthood answered that age-old question and others that have been plaguing you and all of your white middle class neighbors in last night's episode "No Good Deed."

1. The Mother of Your Biracial Child Is Going on a Four-Week European Trip And Is Not Comfortable Leaving Said Child on Your Houseboat For That Time

Poor Crosby Braverman (Dax Shepard). Life used to be so easy and carefree...until he found out that he had a 6-year-old son and that he was still in love with the woman who bore him. When that woman tells him that she is leaving for a month-long trip, he envisioned a glorious father-son bonding period. But she said no. Instead of reacting maturely, he lashed out at her in a recording studio (mid-session) and threatened to involve his lawyer sister. You might want to be taking notes.

2. Your Friend Susie Cries About Her Impending Divorce Over a Mug of English Breakfast Tea

Kristina Braverman (Monica Potter) hates seeing people suffer, especially her friends, so she kindly offered to house Susie's obnoxious son Noel while his parents work out their divorce details, even though Noel has no manners, upsets Kristina's autistic son and comes onto her teenage daughter. Instead of schooling the broken home-afflicted pre-teen, Kristina vented by yelling at her own children. Situation dealt with.

3. No One Wants to Listen to Your Beloved Ray LaMontagne CD. Not Your Sister, Not Your Wife, Not the Ungrateful Brat That Your Family Has Been Hosting While His Parents Get Divorced

I'm not going to mince words here, this is a sh*tty situation. Screw poverty, especially if you cannot listen to Ray LaMontagne sing about it from the comfort of your luxury SUV. Hard knocks. Any man in his right mind would have swung that hand-stitched leather steering wheel to the right hard and stopped the car on the side of the road until his family wised up to their primary breadwinner. But not Adam Braverman (Peter Krause). He gritted his teeth like any red-blooded, repressed white middle-aged male, flipped off his dear LaMontagne and drove in silence. Later that night, he stole off into his car and listened to his cherished CD alone.

4. The Middle-Aged Sister That You Just Hired as an Intern Is Flirting With Your Slimy Superior -- Played By Billy Baldwin -- Over Chocolate Pudding

Imagine Adam Braverman's surprise when he stumbled upon his ditzy sister (Lauren Graham) basically hand-feeding his boss chocolate pudding. He stopped dead in his tracks, analyzed the creepy packaged dessert situation and decided that the best possible strategy was to walk away. Later, he would passive aggressively unload his rage on his unsuspecting sister by prodding her about a totally unrelated matter until she quit. Another Parenthood life case closed.