How Far Can You Get in This Wingnut Rant About 'Celebrity Nipple Nazis'?

gisele_bundchen_120.jpgI ran out of gas right around here: "Gisele Bundechen [sic], the Brazilian civil rights hero, I mean supermodel, recently pronounced 'I think there should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.' And what happens if we don't Gisele? Do we get thrown in a Nipple Nazi lactation prison?" Your mileage may vary. [Big Hollywood]


  • LickyDisco says:

    It absolutely irritates the piss out me when pro breastfeeders unleash the whole shame game. "Breastfeed or your baby will be sick more often!" "Your baby's intelligence will be greater if you breastfeed!" "You won't develop a bond if you don't breastfeed!" My 15 year old daughter was bottle fed from day one and is; hardly ever sick, smart as a whip, and is bonded like CrazyGlue to me . Tit Nazi's (which is what we call them) need to shut up and mind their own business. How a woman feeds her baby is her decision.