Harrison Ford's Mustache Era, and More 1995 Revelations From the Movieline Vault

It's been too long since we went for a stroll in Movieline's deep, stardust-covered archives. So! Down we go to the Vault, where a whole batch of classic issues have yielded gems like Alicia Silverstone at her Clueless peak, Julianne Moore in praise of Sylvester Stallone, Paul Verhoeven's draw to Showgirls (hint: "mostly tits"), Claire Danes's low ebb of glamour, and billion-dollar man Steve Guttenberg keeping it real with his critics. Read on, and luxuriate in the history.

· It's truly impossible to determine which of these Alicia Silverstone quips is superior: "My boyfriend calls me 'princess,' but I think of myself more along the lines of 'monkey' and 'retard,'" or, "I hate Parisians, they are so evil, I want to go back there with a gun and shoot every one of them." Thoughts?

· Readers were introduced to our photo spread Mountain of Youth with the blurb, "In 10 years' time, which of these stars do you think will be picking up Oscars and which will be picking up unemployment checks?" From Reese Witherspoon to Tori Spelling, you'll marvel at the spectrum of inclusions.

· Harrison Ford, the mustache years. That is all.

· "I have every right to throw a tantrum, to say how I'm feeling," said Halle Berry. "If I'm angry, I have every right to let you know you've done something to offend me. I do hope that side of me never comes out again, though, I shouldn't have been screaming and yelling and tearing up stuff. That was not cool. It's just that a lot of things happened on Losing Isaiah that made me feel that way."

· Did you know that Steve Guttenberg's films -- as of 1995 -- had grossed more than $1 billion globally? Let the Gute himself remind you in person.

claire_danes_vault_450.jpg· Long before Claire Danes ever won an Emmy playing Temple Grandin, she appeared in Movieline wearing... this. Click for bigger -- and scream.

· Laura Linney's mainstream breakthrough in Congo did not get past us either.

· Paul Verhoeven explained the appeal of Showgirls as only Paul Verhoeven could: "My interest was Vegas. And the musical numbers. And the nudity. I love nudity, especially female nudity. I love to look at naked girls. I love tits and ass, Mostly tits."

· Next time you think Sylvester Stallone isn't serious about his acting, remember what Julianne Moore (yes, that Julianne Moore) and others said from the set of Assassins: "It's excruciating to watch him sometimes, because he'll do something in a scene, then go, 'No, no, no! He'll want to do it again because he doesn't like the timbre of his voice or the way he was holding himself. He's very hard on himself."

· "As I said, I'm a hardworking bitch. I do what I want to do. Life is so short -- you have to go for it." Don't ever change, Naomi Campbell.