5 Predictions for Nostalgia Cash-in Sequels Besides Bill and Ted

tom-cruise-risky-business_225.jpgFirst we get an unnecessary Indiana Jones sequel, then we hear rumors of a potential Ghostbusters 3, and now Keanu Reeves says he's up for another sequel to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Yes, Hollywood has the perfect antidote for these dark times: a slew of late sequels to films from those brighter days of wealth, peace and ignorance of global warming. In light of this trend, I offer you five successful movies of yesteryear that are overdue for a sequel. Read the list, watch the Reeves interview and chime in with your own thoughts after the jump!

1. National Lampoon's Vacation

Clark Griswold finds himself in yet another mid-life crisis after reading a Time Magazine cover story about Darfur. His suburban guilt drives him to round up the now-grown kids for one more ride in the family truckster -- this time to Africa to do relief work. The balance of slapstick comedy and real-life tragedy gives this one a shot at the Oscars a la Life is Beautiful.

2. The Goonies

The gang reunites Big Chill-style after Sloth commits suicide -- only to find that Sloth has left behind another treasure map! Adventure ensues. And since everybody loved Sloth, his ghost pops up throughout the movie to guide and advise the gang when the going gets tough.

3. Willow

Since no one seems to know when or how The Hobbit will come to fruition, why not pull Ron Howard away from the bromance comedies and have him do another installment of everybody's second-favorite fantasy epic to feature a vertically challenged hero?

4. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

The stock-trading floors don't seem so fun now that Bueller has grown up to be a high-powered day trader. The poor guy only thinks about work, hasn't had a vacation since college and doesn't even talk to the camera any more! Then, on the biggest trading day of the year, he hears a Yello song on the radio that takes him back to his youth. Hoping to recapture these salad days, he calls in sick and goes on another mischief-spree, all the while trailed by his suspicious boss, played by Gene Hackman.

5. Risky Business

This time, a high school girl played by any Disney Channel star gets involved with an older male prostitute while her parents are out of town. The prostitute is none other than Tom Cruise, who ended up getting sucked into the business after the first movie. Don't bother rebooting the title for the Mission Impossible sequel -- this is where it's at for Cruise's comeback.

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