Conan O'Brien Finally Answers Your Question

conan_sandwich_225.jpgLast week, Conan O'Brien took questions from Facebook users in an effort to further publicize his new, eponymous late night yuk-fest, Conan. Because, yeah, what channel is this show on again? (Let's hope that Conan and team are putting as much effort into the content of his show as he is promotion.)

Well, out of over 5000 questions (and 20 that I suggested) Conan found the time to Wait, what? Really? Just one? Okay, fine, Conan answered one question. And it has something or other to do with sandwiches. More precisely, "Conan, you were probably able to try a lot of crazy sandwiches on all your time off. What kind of sandwiches did you eat and which one was your favorite?"

Conan's answer? Some sort of mixture of processed meat, mayonnaise, salsa, Mexican cheese, gravy, flax plus, Chicken McNuggets, and a Happy Meal toy. Let's hope that Lance Peltier, the author of the question, wasn't looking for a serious answer.

(Call me sentimental, but I'm still partial to, "My wife is barren. Can you fix her?")