About that Time Eddie Murphy Was Considered for Goodfellas...


"I think I was the first person that Marty [Scorsese] met, but it took maybe a year," Ray Liotta recalls in an exhaustive new oral history of Goodfellas. "It was a very, very long process, not knowing anything and really wanting to do this. I was new. I'd only done three movies at the time. All I heard was that the studio wanted somebody else--'What about this?' 'What about Eddie Murphy?'" We will spare you an IM debate on the merits of this casting choice. [GQ]


  • The Pope says:

    Murphy for the role of Stacks Edwards, right? Samuel L. Jackson was perfect. Tiny, tiny, tiny part but he somehow made an impact because he was on the screen for barely seconds but even in my crazed youthful mind, I knew who he was Mister Senor Love Daddy from Do The Right Thing.