4 Reasons Why Kiernan Shipka (a.k.a. Sally Draper) Might Get an Emmy Nomination in 2011

Laugh all you want, but it's true: Besides perhaps only Randee Heller -- R.I.P. Ms. Blankenship -- there hasn't been a bigger breakout performer on Mad Men this season than Kiernan Shipka. Upped to a series regular for the first time, Shipka has handled her increasingly adult situations -- ahem -- with the aplomb of someone twice her age. It begs the incredibly, ridiculously premature question: Can little Sally Draper be an Emmy nominee in 2011? Ahead Movieline offers 4 reasons why that might not be as far-fetched as you think.

· She won't have much competition from her fellow co-stars

Assuming that Elisabeth Moss decides to return to the deeper waters of the Lead Actress category in 2011 -- her sojourn to Supporting Actress for this year had more to do with the fact that she didn't have a showcase episode last season; this season she has "The Suitcase" -- Shipka will have one less in-category co-star to worry about. That still leaves Christina Hendricks and January Jones, of course (assuming she gets bumped down to Supporting; like I said, it is ridiculously early), but due respect to both actresses, Shipka has run circles around them this season with both her performance and given material. Speaking of which...

· She has consistently blown Emmy-nominee January Jones off-screen

If you accept that Jones has not regressed as an actress, but that her screen-time has simply vanished -- there are no small parts, etc. -- then you must also accept that Shipka is constantly showing her up. Her reactions to Betty's increasingly abusive and childish antics prove only one thing: She's more of an adult than her on-screen mother.

· She's a novelty

To answer your question: Then 14-year-old Roxanne Zal was the youngest Emmy winner ever when she won for the 1984 telefilm, Something About Amelia. Shipka is currently 10 years old (she turns 11 in November) and would allow the Emmys to do something that the Oscars do every so often: Exploit a cute kid (see: Abigail Breslin). She doesn't even get to watch her own show. Adorbs.

· She's Method

When asked by AMC what her favorite breakfast is, Shipka replied: "I would have to say probably scrambled eggs. I like French toast, too. I really do." Just hopefully not doused in rum.


  • Mike the Movie Tyke says:

    Why is it so far fetched? The kid is very good. But, just as Alan Arkin so bluntly and correctly disclosed his hope that Abigail Breslin wouldn't win an Oscar for Little Miss Sunshine, I would hope Kiernan wouldn't win for MM. It's a lot to live up to.

  • Nerd says:

    If January Jones can be nominated for her acting than Kiernan Shipka certainly deserves to be.

  • anna says:

    Are you kidding me? Her "look at me ma! I'm acting!" dramatics from the last episode were laughable. It's painfully obvious she has a stage parent on the sides coaching her through every scene.

  • anna says:

    and I know she's just a kid, but she works far better when she is allowed to be natural on screen instead of the heavily forced dramatic scenes like the over the top falling scene and the stuff from last season when grandpa died.

  • SaltySue says:

    Yes Yes Yes!!!
    When she started wailing her arms around yelling I don't wanna go home, I hate it there I just thought to myself "Damn she was a better actress when she was younger." Which was only 2 years ago.
    I think maybe she is more self conscious now and maybe has an (bad) acting coach, because she was desperately trying to convince the audience.

  • Gideon says:

    I could see that, but I don't agree with it. Also, she's still better than January Jones.

  • anonymous says:

    Sally holds that whole Draper family story together. Kiernan's acting ability is the key. Go Sally!!

  • kiernan is a beautiful stunning girl who has some growing still to do & when she has she'll be taken over Hollywood, who can stop her.