That's Not Amore: Italian Critics Trash Eat Pray Love

eatpraylove_rev_thumb.jpgFilm critics in Italy have taken a much harder line toward the globetrotting sumptuousness of Eat Pray Love than their American counterparts did, dismissing the film as Hollywood ethno-porn of the worst kind. "It rains spaghetti, the Italians are always gesticulating and following foreign girls shouting vulgarities but then getting engaged to a nice housewife to please their domineering mothers, all this under the sign of 'dolce far niente'," Curzio Maltese wrote in La Repubblica, echoed later by the Torino daily La Stampa: "That's the way they like us in the United States, dark, boisterous, uninhibited; we've always known that, but this time the effect is beyond the limits." Nobody tell them about Jersey Shore, cool? [NYT]


  • The Winchester says:

    Wow, the Italians have such a grace and beauty and passion behind their film criticism. I just thought Eat Pray Love was just plain all around terrible, but they really know what's what.

  • Kallen says:

    My morning eyes read Eat Pray Love as I Am Love, which looks equally terrible (more cultural porn than ethno-porn though).