J.J. Abrams Shopping Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn Project

benlocke_a_120.jpgIn April, Michael Emerson thought the idea of he and Terry O'Quinn collaborating on a new show was far fetched, but admitted, "I think [O'Quinn has] gone so far as to half-seriously discuss it with various producer types." Well, yeah, it now appears that "various producer types" included Lost producer J.J. Abrams. Vulture is reporting that Abrams and his studio, Bad Robot, are seriously pitching the idea of the former Linus and Locke playing one-time black-operatives in what's described as a buddy comedy. (If anyone's listening, my vote for a title is Locke and Loaded.) [Vulture]


  • Victor Ward says:

    This idea is good, but we can make it great!
    Let's see, there's an operation that brings them out of retirement, and it takes place in a remote terrorist camp of all women, so, with new wardrobes and identities, Hildegard (O'Quinn) and Buffy (Emerson) infiltrate the camp. Hilarity, bonding, and sensitivity ensue, along with a series finale where they kill everyone. USA!

  • Mike Ryan says:

    How many episodes in until a Peter Scolari cameo?

  • Victor Ward says:

    The producers would totally want him for a three episode guest arc early in the first season, but then he'd be completely forgotten as soon as NPH expresses interest.

  • joey bananas says:

    YES!!!! this is so exciting! i felt that the emerson/o'quinn relationship on lost was among the all-time great tv rivalries.