Watch Betty White Curse, Pretend to Run a Sweatshop in Her Latest Viral Video

whitehoodie_225.jpgFurther proof that Betty White will literally do anything (and that the Internet will love her for it anyway): The You Again star -- who will also be seen this week on the season premiere of Community -- has her own clothing line. (Yep, this is real.) White partnered up with for the merchandise (proceeds go to the Morris Animal Foundation) and, naturally, a viral video has been released trumpeting this marriage. Have you ever wanted to see White refer to her breasts as the "Golden Girls"? Then click ahead to watch.

"I've had poker hands fold better than you." Heyoo! Try the veal.

[via urlesque]


  • George says:

    This video is well done. It looks like Betty White had a lot of fun making it, which is a good thing. I looked into her line of hoodies and found out that they have built in headphones for drawstrings. Does anyone else think that's a smart idea? Go Betty!