Russell Brand Arrested At LAX After Allegedly Defending What's Left Of Katy Perry's Honor

katy_perry_tweet_500.pngBritish funnyman and noted Dame Helen Mirren bathmate Russell Brand was arrested yesterday at Los Angeles International Airport after roughing up a paparazzo all in the name of chivalry. Or something.

TMZ has the footage of Brand and his fiancée Katy Perry braving a phalanx of paparazzi as they make their way into the airport. Seemingly out of nowhere, Brand begins shoving and smacking a photographer, and the paparazzi suddenly discover a code of ethics and tut-tut Russell for unnecessary roughness.

Russell was booked on a charge of misdemeanor battery and posted $20,000 bail. Meanwhile Katy Perry took to her Twitter to show that her fiancé was merely defending her well-worn honor from a paparazzo who tried to take an upskirt shot of her.


In TMZ's footage, there's no evidence any cameraman going for the upskirt shot. Which doesn't mean it didn't happen, of course, and if any one them tried for the shot, it's downright scummy of them. But, really, Katy Perry's been nearly nude in a multitude of magazine covers, music videos and cheesecakey photo shoots --hasn't she already shown us a thousand equivalents of an upskirt shot? I'm not saying she had it coming (no woman ever does), I'm just saying that Alleged-Upskirt-Cameradude, your work is both detestable and superfluous!

· Russell Brand's Secret Weapon -- Katy Perry's Skirt [TMZ]


  • Deanna says:

    Oh Katie sweetie...shut up. You're so classless and a tad trashy. Oh I'm so sure that someone trying to get an upskirt shot reeeeeaally and truly offended you. Dont eff with the Brands? Honor...what honor you're so full of it

  • Myra Brooks says:

    Dixon Gaines, you have just shown your true journalistic colours and from this day forward anything you have to say in print will have the worth of spit on a wall. You are an ass.

  • Trace says:

    I find it very unlikely that anyone's going for a Katy Perry upskirt shot. But good for Russell Brand socking it to photographers.

  • naz says:

    what a love, i say good job russel!

  • Scott L. says:

    The big deal is in music, movies, photo shoots when people are nude they are paid a good sum of money. when so nobody gets a photo like that the guythat took the pic is paid and thats wrong.

  • mark says:

    The footage shows there is no upskirt photo taking. Paparazzi are hired by agencies to feed the public's appetite. If the upskirt shots existed, wouldn't they be out by now?

  • monger says:

    Katy, you and your faggy boyfriend are useless. Go and plug up your mouth with something large so we can't hear you anymore! Oh, well whaddaya know, I've got something right here in my lap!

  • mtnfreebird says:

    even in a strip joint there are certain "codes" to follow. You know why you do not have that Papa-nazi problem in Texas? Here, you can answer verbal abuse with physical force. If some idiot gets in your way with a camera, knock his head in the dirt. Then you can try your upskirt shot, lol, "if" you're awake. Cops came out to the house the other day when a neighbor's wife called on me. Cop asked me if I hit the guy, I said, "Yes, after he wouldn't get out of my face." Cop arrested the guy and then his wife for calling in a false complaint

  • horsewinkle says:

    don;t this just make you sick at your stomach, the public is stupid to support such crap, who cares about this jet set movie stars, little arrest incidents, they are like sucking leeches which attach themselves to the public purse strings, this man never worked a desent days work in his little fony life, but the public thinks of him as a God figure to be worshiped ' and a woman that show her secrets to everyone , is like a public phone book that everone can see the pages , her little rear end is just like all the other womans it has a split and if you have seen one seen them all .....

  • mmamike says:

    katy my dear ..the only thing you need up your dress is a good powerwashing with lysol !!! your not all that !!! now shut it !!

  • Michael says:

    Those sleazy videos and photo-poses are planned out with photographers and granted with Katy's permission. (which i DO thank her for). But let's say she just woke up from an 8-hour flight, hasn't showered in two days -- should she HAVE to just "bend over and take it" when just any old jerk-ass wants a piece -- based solely on the premise that it's "nothing we haven't already seen"? NO! Of course not -- even if you're Winnie the Pooh or Donald Duck and never wear pants at all -- still a total invasion of privacy.
    but BTW Dixon, I do get your humor "both detestable AND superfluous" that is a good burn none the less.