New Trailer for Due Date: Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis Bicker Across America

For a movie from the director of The Hangover that stars two of America's funniest, most well-liked working actors, the first trailer for Todd Phillips' Due Date was a bit of a let down. Now we've got a new look at the latest addition to Phillips' men-without-women oeuvre and thankfully, prospects are looking much better.

This one still begs the question of how many jokes Phillips can possibly milk from Zach Galifianakis and his dog, but the banter here is funnier, the one-liners are sharper, and we get glimpses at promising bit parts from Danny McBride, Jamie Foxx and Upright Citizen's Brigade alum Matt Walsh.

Galifianakis brings the same wide-eyed conviction that made a lot of his gags in The Hangover funnier than they had any right to be, even if he is playing the exact same character here. Robert Downey Jr. is doing the wise-ass thing he usually does, but that's fine. He's good at that. Philips probably isn't breaking any new ground, but solid comedies are few and far between lately and these are dark times! Also, IMDb says that RZA is in this. Sign me up.

Verdict: Sold

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