Vincent Gallo Skips Toronto, Cites 'Shortcomings of the Press'

vincentgallo_tiff.jpgMaybe that headline is being a tad reductive about the actor/filmmaker's absence from both the Venice and Toronto film festivals, but if Gallo is going to scornfully hypergeneralize about me and my peers, we might as well get our money's worth. Especially when his most amusing public statement to date is hiding in plain sight for all to see.

Gallo, who was not on hand for either his acting effort Essential Killing or his one-man show Promises, addressed the latter film (in the third person, natch) on its Web site:

Gallo began shooting this highly conceptual film without following any traditional program of production or pre-production, and instead began filming without any preparation or a traditional script, never allowing anyone from his cast or crew in on the film's ultimate vision.

Vincent Gallo has forever rejected any explanation of the concept, story, process, or rumors surrounding the making of his new film, stating, "None of it would fit easily into tabloid format, and so writers and journalists would be forced into simplistic interpretations to avoid their own shortcomings and the shortcomings of the press in general."

Though Gallo understands his silence may excite journalists and bloggers into easy brush-offs and perpetuate unsubstantiated rumors and hearsay, he still chooses to disconnect from the low frequency exchange required to communicate with the press.

By "unsubstantiated rumors and hearsay," one can only assume Gallo is referring to the coup he reportedly enacted on the set of Pete Red Sky's The Funeral Director -- which then became Promises Written in Water. But let's not take it personally! The cycle of frustration and unrequited appreciation is kind of a beautiful thing in the end, and anyway, I've got enough struggling films to champion. Take as long as you need, Vincent.

· Synopsis [ via LAT]


  • James says:

    I saw Gallo at TIFF yesterday, in the industry centre. Several other people saw him in Toronto too. It's odd that he'd be here and not show up to introduce his own film.

  • Brian says:

    Well maybe he's trying to keep quiet because of some lawsuit regarding the film? Or potential lawsuit. I mean you don't just use someone else's crew to shoot your own movie.