The Roommate Trailer: What If Screen Gems Remade Black Swan With TV Actresses?

Have you been wondering what Black Swan would look like if Natalie Portman's already iconic lead performance was replaced by Blair from Gossip Girl? Wonder no more. The first trailer for Screen Gems' February teen thriller The Roommate has arrived with the light touch of a sledgehammer. Let the exploitation and Single White Female comparisons begin!

Leighton Meester (the aforementioned Blair) stars as Rebecca, a mild-mannered college student who strikes up rapport with her new roommate, Sara (Friday Night Lights star and Derek Jeter girlfriend Minka Kelly). They do all the wacky stuff that roommates in college do -- let's go to the city, whee! -- and things are going great until Sara hooks up with some dude she met at the club (Cam Gigandet). Mistake. Rebecca gets crazy jealous in a pulling-earrings-out-and-potentially-burning-people-alive way. As her mom wonders obtusely, "She's taking her medication?" Yeah, probably not.

The Roommate feels left over from a time when Cruel Intentions ruled the multiplex, but for fans of Gossip Girl and Friday Night Lights, it looks like required viewing. Black Swan might have Portman and Mila Kunis -- plus legitimate Oscar-buzz and critical bona fides -- but does it have Blair Waldorf versus Lyla Garrity? Didn't think so.

VERDICT: What else are you going to be watching in February?