Remember When SNL Hosts Were a Glorious Surprise?

The hits just keep on coming for Saturday Night Live. If we're to believe -- and forgive me for digging out my trusty grain of salt -- Lindsay Lohan is "confirmed" to host SNL on Dec. 4. She joins the already announced Amy Poehler, Bryan Cranston, Jane Lynch, Emma Stone and Jon Hamm as planned hosts for season 36. So far, so good. Except there's only one problem with knowing this information so far in advance: It ruins the surprise.

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but as an avid SNL watcher -- forget Hulu; I still DVR the show if I'm out and fast-forward through the commercials, like some dinosaur circa-2007 -- the anticipation of finding out the next week's host was, in the past, highly pleasurable. Just before the second commercial break, Don Pardo would clear his throat and announce the next celebrity to take the stage at Studio 8H and -- in real time -- people would find out just who would be making them laugh (or cringe) in seven days. It was breaking news! There was something... if not magical, then exciting and immediate about the whole thing. It was SNL's version of Christmas. Now, that's all over and by this time next week, we might know the hosts through Christmas.

Times have changed obviously, but: Wah. Yes, this just is further proof that Saturday Night Live doesn't belong to Saturday night any longer. At this point, SNL could be considered a Web-only show, with so many fans weeding through the filler skits on Hulu to find the one or two watercooler moments that they'll share with friends on Monday morning. It's simple really: Why wait until the live airing to announce the following week's host when there are fewer and fewer people watching? Or maybe Betty White and the precious Facebook campaign to get her to host is blame. Whatever the case, I'm bummed.

Hey, at least the musical guests are still a surprise? Outside of Katy Perry -- who will appear on the season premiere -- none of the musical guests have been announced, meaning when Don Pardo's replacement (sigh) says "and musical guest, Arcade Fire," while calling out Jon Hamm's name during Emma Stone's episode, there will be some shock. Unless of course that gets spoiled, too. And who am I kidding? It probably will.

· Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan Confirmed to Host 'Saturday Night Live' []


  • Shap says:

    It only ruins the surprise for people who closely follow television and entertainment news. It will still be a surprise for most people.
    But the real surprise will be whether it can actually go back to being funny this year. Good cast, lots of funny people on the writing staff too, they just need recapture their '08 election mojo.

  • KYLE says:

    --Remember When SNL Hosts Were a Glorious Surprise?--
    Actually, no.

  • Nsthen says:

    Maybe they should think twice about booking Lindsay Lohan eso far in advance - when she could have a jail time commuted to rehab stint at any moment.

  • Mike says:

    I didn't know SNL was still being actively produced.

  • steve says:

    I think it is sad that lohan keeps getting anything, a movie deal or a few moments on SNL. shame..
    and yes naming people so far in advance is a bummer................

  • jen says:

    SNL hasn't been funny for 20+ years. It survives on name recognition only.