Mel Gibson Case Turns Even Uglier as Two Potential Witnesses Threatened

Mel-Gibson-Oksana-Grigorieva-1.jpgThe already messy Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva case is turning into a full-on circus, complete with porn stars, threats of violence, and an alleged vehicular homicide attempt. While Gibson hasn't won any allies lately, new accusations again suggest that neither side's hands are clean. Violet Kowal, a Polish porn star rumored to have been involved with Gibson, and her bodyguard Nikko Riley have claimed that their lives were threatened after refusing to fabricate evidence on behalf of Grigorieva in her abuse case against Gibson.

According to a police statement from Riley, Grigorieva's bodyguard Kristian Otto Herzog promised both him and Kowal money that Grigorieva won from the dispute, condos, Hollywood connections and maybe even eternal life if they would say what Herzog told them to on the witness stand. When that didn't work, Herzog, who served 255 days in jail in 2009 after pleading guilty to impersonating an officer, allegedly turned to the persuasive strategy proven successful by Don Corleone, Tony Montana and others of their ilk: He made reference to the shotguns in his car, threatened to have dirty cops "take Riley out" and, according to Riley, tried to run him over on his own street.

It remains to be seen how this will affect the case itself, and as of now, Grigorieva's camp is denying all allegations. In the meantime, I need a shower.

· Witnesses in Mel Gibson case threatened [THR]


  • TurdBlossom says:

    Hope the sex was worth it all, Mel.

  • everyday says:

    turdblossom, open your eyes a little bit more, it wasnt about the sex. This goof was in love with her, if this was just about sex, they wouldnt be in the mess they are in. This is all about LOVE. dumb dumb.

  • BobA. says:

    TurdBlossom, Sounds like a Poop Flower.....oh well.
    Mel was in love with this bitch. Yes, he screwed up Royally. I agree with Everyday, DUMB......

  • dust d says:

    mel, dispatch all this yuk quickly and get back to making the best movies i've ever seen.

  • LickyDisco says:

    Hey, back off the Blossom, kids. It was an easy lay, period.
    It's just that none of us were expecting the trip for two to crazy town.

  • BBP says:

    Who cares??????? Put him in the slammer and be done with it all!

  • stolidog says:

    Um, since Mel had the affair with this stripper, and probably her bodyguard, wouldn't it make sense that they, and not the Oksana camp, would fabricate a story of witness intimidation. I'm sure Mel's camp paid them quite well to make those accusations.

  • really says:

    stolidog, how is mel paying violet kowal and her bodyguard to lie against oksana if they caught oksana's bodyguard on tape saying that he spoke to oksana and she agreed with him that if they backed her up against mel gibson, they'd get some money as well? the only way that could happen is if oksana's bodyguard is getting paid by mel gibson to smear oksana, but i doubt it because he is part of that bodyguard website which claimed that mel gibson was guilty of abusing oksana and they fully support her over him. i find it unbelievable that some people are so unwilling to believe that oksana, who judging by her history, is actually very capable of manipulating, and extorting people just so she can get what she wants, which is money. all this talk of abuse and her fear for her children's lives were nothing more than a mere ruse to cover up what her main intention was - to get as much money from mel as she can, regardless if she does it the legal or illegal way. since the judge hasn't granted her the 40 k for child custody, she is now resorting to filing a lawsuit against mel even though she had originally settled and signed an agreement with him last may but reneged on the deal because she wanted to get a higher payment than 15 million. plus, her intention to sue mel for the rights to her music has just been blown since he apparently already signed a form last august which gives her all the rights to her music and sent back all her unsold cds to her. as for bbp, why the heck should mel be put in the slammer when the veracity of the recordings are being questioned, including the photos she publicized of her abuse. the dv case has already been sent to the DA, but it seems that the extortion investigation against her is taking longer, most likely coz there's plenty of evidence and info to support mel's claim that she really was trying to extort him.

  • Mel,the lord is your strength;they want to bring you down due to passion of the Christ,your reward transcend this life,be strong you have our prayers from Africa

  • Timerider says:

    What a mess Mel!
    Would make a great flick maybe!? LOL!

  • Freakshow says:

    Gibson doesn't need the lord's strength. He's convinced he is a god. What a nutcase.

  • gmsingh says:

    Polish porn star? If she can't screw in a light bulb, what are the odds....

  • JB says:

    Mel, what a mess, what does your wife and children have to say about "Big Daddy"?

  • me says:

    Great information where did you get it from? It's great that Mel has a fan like you to set the misinformed/uninformed people straight and give them the information so that they can see what is really going on.

  • me says:

    You are so right about that EVERYDAY, it is all about LOVE for Mel, and she took that love and twisted it, shredded it, stomped all over it, while in the process of taking him for what he's worth because unfortunately it was probably never about LOVE for Oksana, she was a gold digger before she got with Mel, and she'll always be one. I wouldn't be surprised if she is or was paid by an Illuminati as she started all this DRAMA bull crap during the time that certain government officials needed the spot light taken off of them.

  • marius says:

    You should shut the hell up with ethnic jokes. Especially you...

  • Geri says:

    Most men would get upset when they discover they were set-up by a gold-digger.
    She baited him and taped him and she should not get one thin dime.

  • *yawn* says:

    Don't care, never did, never will.
    This "story" is nothing more than comedy relief.
    These idiots are a laughing stock just like all celebrity.
    The bigger idiots are the ones that live their lives obsessing over celebrities.
    When you monkeys put more energy into worrying about your precious Lohan, Gibson, Hilton and Snookie and less about where this country is heading; you need to get under the sink and drink the Draino.

  • Maggie says:

    Was he in love with the Polish porn star as well?