Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Schedule Competing Rallies

john-stewart-march.jpgThe Daily Show host Jon Stewart announced plans for a "Return to Sanity" march October 30 in Washington D.C. which will attempt to tone down the political fervor we're used to from politicians and pundits. "Think of our event as Woodstock, but with the nudity and drugs replaced by respectful disagreement," Stewart said. On the same day, Stephen Colbert will hold a competing "March to Keep Fear Alive" which will advance the same message except, you know, through satire. Sounds like fun, but are competing rallies possible when both shows have the same fan base? [Rally to Restore Sanity, Keep Fear Alive]


  • Not Cool says:

    1. I want to go to there. 2. Movieline, please tell someone, anyone to fix that eyesore of a typo in Ryan Reynolds's name at the end of the ad for Buried. It's like, ruining my life ... and probably Ryan's.

  • Gangsta Luv says:

    Lindsay really is a fantastic representation of everything wrong in America today. I definitely cannot understand why Lindsay would get that much blog attention!