Is Ryan Murphy Trying to Plant Gay Red Herrings on Glee?

ColferKurt225.jpgWhen word first broke that Ryan Murphy had cast an up-and-comer named Chord Overstreet in a recurring role on Glee, cast and crew remained tight-lipped about whether his high school athlete character would be Kurt's first onscreen boyfriend. (Well, until Jane Lynch let the cat out of the bag.) However, as the season two premiere nears, Glee insiders are talking about another sexy, handsome, gay student that might be romancing McKinley High's best-dressed male.

It's a suspiciously late development that begs the question: Is Ryan Murphy just planting rumors to screw with his audience?

First, the report from TVGuide:

Maybe Glee producers weren't being cagey with us when they denied that seemingly straight New Directions addition Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) was going to turn out to be Kurt's (Chris Colfer) boyfriend. Now there's another candidate to add to the suspect list.

The new season's sixth episode will introduce a character named Blair. He is a gay high school junior described as masculine, sexy, charismatic and handsome -- in other words, a perfect match for Kurt. Blair will recur (and sing!) in more than one episode in a storyline that finds him competing against New Directions in an opposing Glee club.

It seems plausible that Blair could be Kurt's long-awaited prom king, but Murphy has already talked about his desire to pair Kurt with a member of the McKinley High's football team (like Overstreet's character) and said that producers conducted a nationwide search to find the perfect actor for the part (which is how Murphy found Overstreet).

So, Gleeks, do you think this story is just a red herring to keep audiences guessing, or is Murphy just taking pity on Colfer, who worried about being romantically linked to someone as good-looking as Chord Overstreet because he had no desire to be the Kristen Stewart of Glee?

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  • stolidog says:

    Maybe Kurt dates both of them. I mean, the church keeps telling me that gays are promiscuous, so it must be true.

  • Lauren says:

    I hope Kurt gets with Sam. I'm already shipping them and I haven't even seen Overstreet in the full episode yet, just previews. Hopefully Blair is a tool to make Sam jealous or something. I'm glad Murphy said he wants Kurt's boyfriend to be on the football team, it's going to be adorable!