Your New Spider-Man Theme Song: Andrew Garfield Sings 'Bed Intruder'

Are you worried about Andrew Garfield's ability to play all-American now that the British Never Let Me Go star has been cast in the title role of Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot? Until Garfield can convince you himself with his U.S. accent in The Social Network, allow him to show off his grasp of American pop culture in this ABC News interview, where he sings the entire chorus of the viral video hit "Bed Intruder."

Don't mind the fact that ABC News still hasn't figured out how to let its video content variably enlarge in an embed -- just let Garfield's soothing, bashful rendition work its magic on you, as it does with his Never Let Me Go costar Carey Mulligan:

And, of course, the original:

Andrew Garfield sings 'Bed Intruder Song', furthers my love for him (and Carey Mulligan) [ONTD]


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