What's On: January Jones Has Something She'd Like to Say, Designers

januaryjones225.jpgTonight is a momentous occasion, Mad Men fans: We get to see if January Jones can talk about fashion and style as a judge on Project Runway without the aid of costumer Janie Bryant standing in the wings. Elsewhere on the tube, look out for the return of The Apprentice, the verve of Nikita, and the stamina of one of the highest-grossing '90s action movies.

The Apprentice [NBC, 9 PM]

The return of uncelebrified Apprentice is a welcome one -- no more Poison frontmen and horrible governors to jaundice what used to be a fabulous reality series. In the premiere, we meet 16 contestants who've been affected by the economic downturn -- and we watch as Donald Trump pretends to understand what that means.

Project Runway [Lifetime, 9 PM]

It's an American sportswear challenge! Michael Kors is preparing his puns on "tacky," "slutty," and "dowdy" as we speak. Isn't this the one week January Jones shouldn't be a guest judge? I don't remember her ever wearing sportswear on Mad Men. Dubious.

Nikita [CW, 9 PM]

Nikita tries to tangle with a Slavic leader wanted for war crimes, but she runs into a bunch of mercenaries who want to get to him first. Gunfire and diving into a nearby alley will be necessary.

Twister [TCM, 8 PM]

Is there an action movie with more hilariously terrible production stories? Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt burned their retinas when commanded to stare into big electronic lamps, writer Joss Whedon had to drop out after coming down with bronchitis, re-shoots caused the film's budget to jump to $90 million, and a huge percentage of the crew quit the movie because director Jan de Bont was a madman. But still: Look at the kinda-realistic flying cow!