Mark Wahlberg Rolls With The Punches in the Trailer for The Fighter

David O. Russell's The Fighter made it through production without the public fights, drama and meltdowns that many expected. Now we've got the trailer, which showcases some nicely-filmed fight scenes, Mark Wahlberg's biceps and music that will make you get up from your office chair and cheer!

Wahlberg seems likeable as usual playing an earnest everyman trying to make it in the lightweight fighting division. And look! Christian Bale has physically transformed himself again for the role of Wahlberg's ne'er-do-well brother. Amy Adams and Melissa Leo round out what really is a hell of a cast. But this one's directed by David O. Russell, the guy who has given us a film about existential detectives, an extremely subversive take on the Gulf War, and a dark comedy about incest. Why does it look like such a paint-by-numbers crowd-pleaser? Familial drama, underdogs clawing their way to the top and even a cheesy tag line set to triumphant music - it's all here.

Either Russell played it straight and simply made a solid entry into the Rocky genre, or there's more to the movie than the trailer lets on. See for yourself below.

Verdict: Interested, but not quite a TKO


  • The Pope says:

    Rocky only works in Philly.

  • Randall Gray says:

    I will see Mark Wahlberg in anything that he appears in. He made a major stand as a rap artist, but has truly found his calling as an actor.

  • Strepsi says:

    @RANDALL I'm with you, love Wahlberg too. The contradictions of the hard physique against the overmodulated sibillant voice, the hypermasculine refusal to Botox his forehead lines against the little upturn at the end of his nose recalling the delicious humpy brat he once was....
    Except in "The Truth About Charlie", I hated him in that but it wasn't really his fault, he never should have been cast in a Carey Grant / Hugh Grant role.

  • Patricia Ann Shirley Carney says:

    Once again Mark is giving us an amazing performance in The Fighter.I have seen every movie he has been in and I do believe he has found his calling in acting.I love when he plays roles like this. these are my personal favorites.

  • stolidog says:

    I think Movieline might need to change it's name to "publicists' fantasy line"

  • stevie says:

    Randall--isn't "rap artist" an oxymoron?