Sacha Baron Cohen to Star in Freddie Mercury Biopic

sacha-baron-cohen-freddie-mercury.jpgFreddie Mercury just got a whole lot taller. Our sister site Deadline reports that Sacha Baron Cohen has been set to play the late Queen singer in a biopic that is currently being scripted by Peter Morgan (The Queen). The film is set to shoot next year, just in time for it to never, ever share a multiplex marquee with My Brother Borat. What do you think: perfect casting, or too on-the-nose? [Deadline]


  • Amy says:

    I am so excited about the up coming movie.. I’ve always thought Adam Lambert should play Freddy, but Sasha looks more like him..What I really would like would be a biography of Freddy Mercury..

  • jessyjames says:

    Sacha Cohen playing Freddie Mercury... can't wait to see it! I'm sure he will Freddie justice.