You Can Thank Tom Hanks For Getting Steve Martin to Sign Up for Twitter

martin_120.jpgErstwhile Oscar co-host and current banjo player Steve Martin has taken the leap and signed up for a Twitter account. "It's new to me," he told the NY Times. "I just started yesterday, or the day before. At first I thought, oh, this will be an awful thing to do. And then I actually talked to Tom Hanks, and he said it's actually kind of fun. So I decided to try it. Now I lie awake at night, dreaming up Twitters. It's a little bit of a problem." Looks like he's gotten the hang of it so far. Follow away! [NYT/ArtsBeat]


  • casting couch says:

    Celebrities are the only ones who care about Twitter it seems. I suppose it serves their egocentric natures.