Watch the Trailer for the Book The Making of The Empire Strikes Back

In anticipation of the new book, The Making of The Empire Strikes Back (out October 12), Lucasfilm has done one of the things that Lucasfilm does best -- create a trailer. Even when it comes to the more questionable chapters of the Star Wars saga, the trailers are fantastic, so why not release a trailer for the "making of" book celebrating the greatest chapter of them all, Empire?

J.W. Rinzler -- the author who also wrote The Making of Star Wars and The Complete Making of Indiana Jones -- was given complete access to the archives at Lucasfilm. As the trailer suggests, Rinzler became Lucasfilm's "own in-house Indiana Jones." Love The Empire Strikes Back? Well, these 372 pages that might interest you.

Highlights include: Detailing the struggles to even get the film made -- sequels were not a sure thing 30 years ago and Lucas financed Empire himself; never before seen behind the scenes photos and concept art; transcripts of recorded on-set conversations between the cast and crew which reveals that, at times, the cast was about as unhappy as the characters in the film. And a personal highlight, Rinzler was granted access to Leigh Brackett's original script for Empire -- a script that wound up looking nothing like the finished product.

Enjoy this trailer knowing full well that the finished product will not be a letdown.

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