Warehouse 13's Relic Roundup: The Super-Archaeologist Tribute

warehouse_13_ep11_225.jpgThe first part of Warehouse 13's season two finale was pretty artifact-light. That is, unless you count the heavy-handed references to everyone's favorite big-name super archaeologists ... of which there are two. Truly, it was the "Indiana Jones" episode that Allison Scagliotti promised, complete with puzzles, pyramids and Elsa Schneider-is-a-Nazi-after-all-type reveals. Click through for the roundup!

Artifact: Mrs. Frederic's brain real estate

Specifications: While Myka, Pete and H.G. are prancing around Egypt (and H.G. most definitely prances), poor Mrs. Frederic spends the episode trapped in the warehouse getting doctored by Lindsay Wagner. Since Warehouse 2 went back online, her brain can't handle lording over two warehouses at once. (If the Warehouse is under the jurisdiction of the Secret Service, why does it have an Egypt location? These are the questions!)

Covetability: High. Because, once Mrs. Frederic's "connection" to the warehouses fries her brain, Claudia, Lindsay Wagner tells us, has to take her place as caretaker -- a revelation which, all things considered, Claudia takes nicely in stride.

Artifact: H.G. Wells's Laura Croft getup

Specifications: Helena checked. Fashionable British archaeologists are all dressing like everyone's favorite PSX-era action heroine (colloquially, Angelina Jolie). "No," Myka says. "That's how American filmmakers think they're dressing." She smiles after her, a bi-curious glimmer shining in her eyes.

Covetability: High.

Artifact: Benedict Valda

Specifications: Valiantly throwing himself into a fiery, ancient Egyptian booby trap, dear old Valda left the ranks. It's mostly sad because now I have less excuse to continue to reference Romo Lampkin's creepy dead cat.

Covetability: High. I'll miss you, Mark Sheppard, but I'm sure you've got a sizable lineup of nefarious sci-fi roles to fill.

Artifact: Pete's Cracker Barrel peg game skills

Specifications: Aside from a surprising adeptness for reading star charts, Pete's greatest skill is unfailingly winning that dumb peg game -- notably the giant version, which the agents have to solve on their trek through Warehouse 2. So, he's got that going for him.

Covetability: Medium-high. Probably only useful when attempting to win pancakes/keeping booby trapped ceilings from pinning you to the ground.

Artifact: H.G. Wells's loyalty

Specifications: Well, I suppose everyone saw that coming from about seven episodes away, but it was fun while it lasted. Turns out, H.G. orchestrated Warehouse 2's coming back online, which the Warehouse 13 gang discovers just before H.G. shoots Pete and Myka with some sort of proto-Tesla.

Covetability: High. But maybe next season they can debronze Jules Verne or something?

Also, I think it's worth pointing out that compared to Pete and H.G., Myka's safe place -- Artie giving her coffee and patting her on the back -- is really pathetic. Thoughts?


  • Nightbreak says:

    Warehouse 2 is an old, old Warehouse, obviously, from 31 B.C. Warehouses were hosted in whichever country was the dominant world power at the time. So this one fell under the Pharoahs.

  • Yeah, I guess I'm just waiting for/looking forward to them fleshing out the history of the Warehouse system. It seems to me that's something that hasn't been covered in too much detail. And could be really awesome.

  • stolidog says:

    didn't it come out that artie fartie was somehow also involved in bringing warehouse 2 back on line, or was that a red herring?

  • JB says:

    They specifically said Warehouse 2 was from the time of Cleopatra and after. It was buried due to Roman invasion/occupation. To me it seemed like they were equating it to the library at Alexandria.
    Artie was not involved. He went to check something (I think he figured out HG might be involved) and didn't come back, suggesting that HG probably laid a booby trap and he's caught in it.
    Pete was almost tolerable these last 2 episodes; but the make out scenes with him I could definitely do without. He is just NOT a sexy guy at all. I was really hoping he was the one going to bite the dust and Myka and HG would have to team up. Especially since they're the ones with all the chemistry.

  • Jon Neunaber says:

    Nightbreak is absolutely right. Warehouse 2 was in Egypt, the dominant world power a few hundred years BC. One can surmise Warehouse 1 was in Greece during the time of Pericles and Plato, and that Warehouse 3 was in Italy during the Roman Empire. Warehouse 12, in which HG was an apprentice, was in England.
    A few episodes ago, someone correctly predicted that HG was bisexual. Good get, whoever that was. Heor she also said that they wished Myka was bi and Mayka and HG should have a relationship. I doubt that is going to happen, but we will have to wait and see.
    Why is everybody else picking on Pete? His somewhat childish and immature attitude is refreshing. It would be pretty boring if every character was like Myka. Also, Pete may have memorized and remembered much useless information in his youth, but you got to admit, it has gooten him and Myka out of many a predicament.
    HG plays dolls with her daughter, Pete makes out with Kelly, while Myka drinks coffee. I agree with Lindsey, very weak.
    If everybody in the Warehouse gets to tell their true identity of their work to only one person, has Claudia used her "one" with Todd in the Hardware store In BEYOND OUR CONTROL? Just wondering.
    Probably the best episode of the year so far.