Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls Trailer Starts with Crying and Ends with Screaming

First we get news of an awards season release date, and now here's an ultra-serious, smile-free trailer for Tyler Perry's ensemble piece For Colored Girls, which is based on a play with a much longer title. Academy members, expect champagne and fruit baskets on your doorsteps soon with a personal note from Perry.

Perry seems to be branching out a bit for this one. For starters, he didn't put his name in the official title. But more importantly, he adapted an award-winning play instead of writing the material from scratch. Steps in the right direction. But now watch the preview.

Really, I'm all for a thoughtful examination of racial identity, but does every single character have to cry throughout the entire trailer? We get one dialogue exchange that's shot and cut like a soap opera, and then stylish title cards for each actress followed by each one either in tears or on the verge of them. And just when you think it can't get any more dramatic, the trailer concludes with a montage of everybody screaming. I get it Tyler Perry, this one is serious. The Academy snubbed you on Madea Goes to Jail, but they won't get away with it this time!

So yes, if you want to watch a mostly talented cast including Janet Jackson, Thandie Newton, Whoopie Goldberg, Kerry Washington, and Loretta Devine cry, scream and push each other for two hours, it looks like Perry has your number.

Verdict: Pass, unless the reviews are really stellar.


  • rtj125 says:

    wow. I'm not sure what trailer you watched, but that looks amazing! I'm so excited to see it. It's a phenomenal play, and looks like it might turn out to be a great film.

  • Veronica says:

    So you have obviously never seen the play, know nothing about being a woman and even less about being a black woman. I am looking forward to this movie.

  • Scott A says:

    I hope the film is better edited than the trailer. Did the fade to black button get stuck? Lazy film making.

  • sosgemini says:

    I can't stand Perry but this trailer is solid.

  • McSnarkster says:

    I suppose the Black woman who was originally supposed to direct this just wasn't famous enough (I think she was primarily a music video director, I can't recall her name). Can't have people telling their own stories, now, can we?

  • JHM says:

    Did we watch the same thing? While I am not a fan of most of Tyler Perry's work, this looks like a fine trailer for a dramatic film based on an amazing play. I saw beautiful women experiencing highs and lows of life, the good and the bad.

  • FRAN says:

    Looks decent for a Perry flick. But I have a feeling the only reason this is getting a November release is because Madea walked into a Lionsgate marketing meeting with a gun and said: "Give me an Oscar campaign, bitches!"

  • Rudiger says:

    If they had played the old theme song by Take 6 over the trailer this would look jus like an episode of "the Women of Brewster Place". I can't decide if that's a good thing or not.

  • Tramaine says:

    Yea, dont' really know what you're talking about- You review seems exaggerated in what you're saying the trailer contains. While I am not a fan of Tyler Perry's work, this trailer looks very very good. Tyler could be a better writter and director but you need to be a better reviewer.

  • Kent says:

    Tramaine is right Brian, you should become a better reviewer.
    I really like what Tyler did with this trailer. Editors have all but abandoned the fade to black and thats why I'm so happy to see Perry using it so bravely in this trailer. Its almost as if he is making the fade to black another character in the ensemble. Brave.

  • stolidog says:

    Who wants to see a movie with just a bunch of black ladies in it?
    (I'm bored)

  • Carmelized says:

    @stolidog: your ignorance makes me irate. If this movie does not appeal to your taste, then find one that does. I for one commend tyler perry for having the nerve to think outside the box. It's nice to see a black man appreciate the black female experience, and be able to convey it so eloquently.

  • stowik says:

    Maybe whoever wrote the review of this trailer should find something he/she/it is actually GOOD good at doing cuz this trailer is solid and I'm the last one who expected Perry to do ANYTHING with this work.

  • Tony Q. says:

    I for one wish the discourse in this comment section was a little more elevated and a little more post-civil rights, post-20th century.
    For example, I did not even know that Tyler Perry was black. I've seen a few of his movies and followed his Oprah stuff, but it never even occurred to me to think about him as a black film maker rather than a film maker.
    Some of you internet trolls should be ashamed of how you are acting behind the anonymity of the internet.

  • SaltySue says:

    The trailer looks solid but I don't see anyone here being nominated for any Oscars, but we'll have to wait until the film comes out to make that determination.

  • MUST SEE!!! says:

    This is definitely a must see!!! The cast is some of the A-list of Hollywood!!! I see Oscar buzz happening...don't know what anyone would pass this!!! Will be there opening weekend!!!

  • by the way says:

    By the way...this is based on a very famous book of poems by Shange....know your history!!!

  • Thad Roule says:

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  • Kay says:

    Then don't go and see it. It's just that simple.

  • Shirley says:

    I so agree! I cannot wait!

  • Heloise says:

    I was a cute young thing when "For Colored Girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow ain't enough." I even recall the title. Hell, it was all about big drama from the getgo when the poem hit the shelves. It is a long poem, then was staged. It was big in Chicago and I saw the play there back when circa 1976.
    It was a breakthrough work that made black women proud enough to wear natural hair. I was married to the man in the trailer but my life was way more dramatic.
    White women who dared to date black men know what I am talking about. Hell, you can have em.

  • Baxby says:

    It's unfortunate that the author of this review quickly dismisses this film. The trailer is very intriguing and makes me want to see more. The scene clips are edited just right and the cast, wow! I certainly won't be relying on Brian Clark for credible movie advice because I believe he is missing the mark 100%. My advice to him is to go read the book/play/poem. THEN he will understand why those actresses are looking so intense. Oscar buzz or not, this film is important and a must-see. Open your mind.

  • SCOTLAND10 says:

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