The Tourist Trailer: Angelina Jolie Sets a Glamorous Trap for Johnny Depp

Wondering if you should see the Angelina Jolie/Johnny Depp romantic thriller The Tourist? We've got the trailer for you, but then we also have these essential details: bullet trains, Venice canals, sniper rifles, dancing at a glamorous ball, speedboats, Angelina Jolie in a cowl, someone burning a letter with a candle, a high stakes card game conducted on a red felt table, Johnny Depp running for his life on a rooftop, no shots of Angelina Jolie's shoulderblades, weird accents, cavernous hotel rooms, long-range camera shutter "click" noises, a slinky dress collecting in a heap at someone's feet, and a high-tech computer that makes noisy "computer" sounds when scanning something.

Why am I listing all those things for you? Because when you tell me "The Tourist is a European spy movie starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp," those are exactly the things I want to see in this trailer, and it delivers all of them. If it could just add a glamorous crime lord played by Terrence Stamp shouting into a cell phone, "Get me the GIRL!" I would be so golden.



  • Neo says:

    This officially marks the start of Johnny Depp's "once hot, but now puffy and overpaid" period.

  • Heather says:

    This looks better than I expected but still not sure if it's worth seeing. I actually like the fact that they're both rather ordinary-looking in this though....

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