The Latest Tangled Trailer Presents a Hair-Raising Adventure

When we last saw a trailer for November's sure-to-be animated smash Tangled (a 3D version of the story of Rapunzel), it was presented as some lazy, Disney-lite fairy tale that seemed like a total snooze. Not this time! A new trailer has arrived, loaded with the type of swashbuckling fun and quick wit that your 12-year-old inner self would find positively charming. Will your adult self feel the same way, though?

Perhaps! For starters, the new trailer dispenses with the girl power -- you'll remember the Pink music cue in the original -- and presents Tangled as an adventure. There are chases, thrills and Han/Leia-like love/hate banter between the heroic Flynn Rider (voiced by Chuck star Zachary Levi) and damsel-in-distress, Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore). Fun! There's also some very long and shiny hair, but you'd be hard pressed to connect Tangled to Rapunzel in any other way. Maybe that's the point -- after all, Disney wants boys to see this one, too. Now, if they can only get rid of the laughing horse.

VERDICT: Getting better.

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